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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

The show opens with the traditional recap of the previous week’s action. The recap starts off with Hulk Hogan promoting Jeff Jarrett to interim General Manager, teasing what it means for the N.W.O. The recap finishes up with what went down at the end of last week’s broadcast when Scott Hall and Sean Waltman interfered in the world title match and the brawl that ensued. The package leaves us with the question, what were Sting’s motives for interfering? Once that’s finished, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone, going over the entire crowd as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. They run down the card for tonight. Once they are done with that, the cameras focus in on them as we see the X Division Champion Kazarian is with them, ready to comment on tonight’s opening contest.

Match #1: Christopher Daniels vs. Mistico

Tonight’s show opens up with some high flying action from the X Division. Veteran X Division star “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels faces off against the newcomer, Mistico. The crowd goes wild for both men, as each are big fan favorites.

Daniels takes the early lead in the match, catching Mistico by surprise while his back was turned. Daniels manages to keep Mistico down as well as disoriented, which causes him to have a hard time responding to and fighting back against Daniels’ offense. Soon Mistico finds an opening and is able to fight his way to his feet. Now the roles have reversed, Christopher Daniels is the one that has become confused and disoriented which is odd considering Mistico really isn’t doing anything that new or innovative. Daniels has a hard time hitting any sort of moves whatsoever which ultimately costs him. After bouncing off the ropes, Mistico hits a hurricanrana on Daniels which he follows up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Mistico

Daniels still doesn’t seem to know what to do as he watches the referee raise Mistico’s hand in victory. He just simply stares at him the whole time, continuing staring at him even as Mistico steps out of the ring. The camera cuts away just as Daniels snaps out of the trance-like state he was in.

Before the show cuts to commercial, we see a shot of the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy making his way to the ring area. Mike Tenay and Taz both comment on whether or not Jeff will actually get answers from Sting as to why “The Icon” has singled him out. The show cuts to commercial right as Hardy disappears.


Coming back from commercial the Impact Zone goes nuts for the arrival of the world champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy, dressed in street clothes with the title over his shoulder slowly makes his way down to the ring, constantly looking up towards the rafters to try and see if Sting is watching.

Jeff Hardy:
Let’s get right to the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind, why has Sting taken such an interest in me since I won the title? Sting I know you’re here somewhere, I know you’re always watching so please, why don’t you shed some light on it for us?

Several seconds go by and no sign of Sting anywhere.

Jeff Hardy: I’m not calling you out, I have no issue with you, I just want your side of the story.

Again, several more seconds go by and still no sign of Sting.

Jeff Hardy:
I know you’re here, come on Sting.

The crowd starts chanting “Sting, Sting, Sting.” Just as Hardy is about to start speaking again, he is interrupted by the music of the New World Order. Out of the entrance tunnel steps “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Jeff, like everyone else, is puzzled as to why Kevin would be coming out here at this time.

Kevin Nash: Sting ain’t here man so why don’t you stop begging for him to come talk to you and listen to me instead?

Jeff doesn’t say anything, he simply stares back at Kevin, waiting for him to say what he wants to say.

Kevin Nash: So, are you listening?

Jeff Hardy: Yeah I’m listening.

Kevin Nash: Ok good…Now I’ve been thinking, since A.J. has tried and failed twice now to win the world title, you seem to be out of challengers.

Jeff Hardy: It would appear that I am.

Kevin Nash: So then, why don’t you put that title on the line against yours truly?

Jeff just laughs as the crowd starts to boo. Just as Jeff is about to speak, he is interrupted by someone yelling “Over my dead body” from the distance. As the person emerges from the darkness, he is revealed as Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett:
As long as I am interim general manager, you or any of your N.W.O. buddies will never come anywhere near the world title or any other Impact Wrestling title, do I make myself clear?

Kevin Nash: Like what you say matters anyway, sure you might be general manager but once Hulk comes back you’ll be back to being a nothing!

Jeff gets right in Kevin’s face but stops just short of attacking him.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh I am going to enjoy it so much when I wipe your ass in this ring later tonight.

Kevin Nash: Bring it on, “boss”.

Jeff and Kevin remain right in each other’s faces as the N.W.O.’s music hits. Kevin just laughs right in Jeff’s face as he backs out of the ring, leaving both Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy alone as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #2: Alissa Flash vs. ???

Coming back from commercial we go right in to match #2, a Knockouts match featuring Alissa Flash against an unknown opponent. So far the Knockouts on the roster have not fared very well against the surprise opponents that have been put against them so we’ll see if Alissa Flash can do any better. Alissa arrives in the ring and awaits her opponent. An awkward silence goes by before familiar music begins playing and out of the tunnel steps Jacqueline! Alissa doesn’t seem fazed at all, she remains zeroed in on her opponent.

Following nearly the same path that last week’s match between Daffney and Roxxi did, both women immediately charge at each other and start beating each other senseless. It doesn’t take long though for Jacqueline to take over the momentum in the match, since she is a slightly better brawler. Jacqueline, not wanting to risk disqualification as well as giving Alissa the opportunity to cheat by moving the match to the outside, does her absolute best to keep everything inside the ring. On the other hand, Alissa realizes this and does everything she can to get out so a back and forth tug of war ensues. Jacqueline starts using up too much energy in her quest to keep Alissa inside the ring that it wears on her considerably. Alissa sees an opportunity now. Realizing that she doesn’t need to get outside of the ring after all, she devises a plan. After a brief exchange, and while the referee’s back is turned, Alissa rolls Jacqueline up in a pin attempt. The ref, realizing he’s missing the pin attempt, quickly counts 1, 2, 3 without seeing that Alissa Flash had her feet on the ropes the whole time!

Winner: Alissa Flash

Seeing the error of his ways but knowing that there’s not much he can do to change it, the referee has no choice but to raise Alissa Flash’s hand in victory as Jacqueline looks on in disgust. As Alissa Flash ducks out of the ring, Jacqueline briefly argues with the referee before coming to the realization that there’s nothing she can do but live to fight another day. She exits the ring as the camera cuts away.

Going to the back we see Matt Morgan on the phone with someone.

Matt Morgan:
No I really haven’t thought about it.

Matt pauses to let the person he’s talking to speak.

Matt Morgan:
I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you know by next week what my decision is ok?

Matt pauses again.

Matt Morgan: Alright cool, talk to you then.

Matt then hangs up the phone, puts it in his pocket, and walks out of view of the camera. The camera then cuts away.

Cutting to the back we see Raven, sitting alone, staring off in to the distance.

Raven: I asked for different and I sure got it, didn’t I? I go from facing “The Monster” Abyss to facing Bobby Lashley, what a difference a couple weeks can make. Anyway, I’m not going to sweat it, I love a challenge, challenges love me. Sure he may be bigger, faster, stronger, younger, better looking but you know what I am? That’s right, I’m smarter. I am the real cerebral assassin, one wrong move and I take you out. Quote the Raven, nevermore!

A brief but to the point promo from Raven. Once Raven has finished, the show cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, instead of going right in to a match, Impact Wrestling cameras cut to the office of Jeff Jarrett who is preparing for his upcoming match against Kevin Nash when a knock on the door is heard.

Jeff Jarrett: Come in.

In to the room steps A.J. Styles.

Jeff Jarrett: What can I do for you A.J.?

A.J. Styles: Jeff, somebody needs to take a stand against those assholes, you can’t do it alone. They may have ruined my shot at regaining the world title but I am not going to let them ruin anything else!

Jeff Jarrett: I appreciate the support, I actually was planning on coming to tell you this myself later but since you’re here I might as well tell you now. I spoke with Hogan and I recommended that you get another shot at the world title since the N.W.O. ruined your last one and he agreed with me but he added one stipulation. To make damn sure that they don’t get involved, he’s putting you and Jeff against each other in a steel cage at Victory Road.

A.J. Styles:
Seriously?!? That’s amazing, thanks a lot Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: Don’t mention it.

A.J. Styles: To repay you I’m going to be at ringside for your match tonight, watching your back!

Jeff Jarrett:
Well, let’s get ready then.

Both Jeff and A.J. then get up and walk out of the office as the camera cuts to the ring area.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy

Cutting to the ring area we see Shark Boy already in the ring, awaiting his opponent, Samoa Joe. Joe’s music hits and The Samoan Submission Machine begins storming down the ramp. He can’t be too happy over last week’s loss to Mistico and he certainly doesn’t look like he is. Shark Boy better watch out.

Once the bell rings both Samoa Joe and Shark Boy remain on opposite sides of the ring, just staring at each other. Joe has a very serious look on his face whereas Shark Boy, if you could see his face judging by his body language, looks very nervous. The referee tries to get both men to move and ultimately it’s Shark Boy who moves first. Shark Boy tries punching and kicking Samoa Joe, neither of which do anything to change or wear down Joe. Shark Boy continues this for about thirty seconds until all of a sudden Joe snaps out of it and starts unloading on him. Joe quickly overwhelms Shark Boy. With Shark Boy down, Joe picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle which he follows up with a brutal muscle buster. Joe then pins Shark Boy and gets the W.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Beating Shark Boy in the way that he did seems to have been just the right kind of medicine for Joe, snapping Joe out of the angry funk that he was in. As the referee raises Joe’s hand, the cameras cut to a dual screen shot of the ring area as well as backstage where Eric Bischoff has been watching the whole match on a screen. Bischoff chuckles to himself as the camera cuts away from the dual shot.

Before Impact Wrestling cuts to commercial, we see a shot of the Lashleys walking down the hall, on their way to the ring for Bobby’s match against Raven. As they walk down the hall, they pass someone standing off to the side, reading a newspaper so they can’t see his face. They don’t pay him any attention as they go by. Once they go away from the view of the camera, the camera remains focused in on the man reading the paper. The man puts the paper down, revealing himself to be D’Angelo Dinero. The Pope simply smiles as he puts the paper down and starts heading off camera.


Match #4: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. Raven – Round #2 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial it is now time for match #4 tonight and the first match in round #2 of the television championship tournament. This match pits submission specialist Bobby Lashley against extreme specialist Raven. Neither man has ever faced each other so it’ll be interesting to see how this match goes. The Lashleys are the first out to the ring, getting a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd. Last but not least is Raven who gets a much better reaction than the Lashleys did.

As expected, both men take a considerable amount of time trying to get a feel for the other’s style, Bobby Lashley being the more cautious of the two. To everyone’s surprise, Raven goes right after Bobby Lashley, ending the feeling out process rather abruptly. Raven spends a few seconds trying to wear down Bobby’s midsection before Bobby gets a surge of power, responding with a flurry of offense of his own. Bobby, not known as someone who shows a lot of emotion, starts pounding on Raven relentlessly. Everyone fears the worst for Raven, fearing Bobby will quickly overpower him but to Raven’s credit the veteran hangs in there, taking the beating but still hanging on. Raven constantly starts looking over his shoulder, like he’s expecting something. Bobby notices this but he doesn’t seem to care, he just keeps on attacking Raven. A minute or so goes by before what Raven must have been waiting for finally happens. “The Pope” begins walking down the entrance ramp, staring at Kristal Lashley the whole time. Bobby sees him and immediately drops Raven to confront the Pope. This is the opening that Raven was looking for. As Bobby Lashley tries confronting the Pope to stop him from hitting on his wife, Raven sets up and waits. Bobby soon turns back around and gets caught with a Raven Effect DDT. Raven follows up the DDT with a pin and the victory.

Winner: Raven

Raven advances to the T.V. championship finals in two weeks where he will face the winner of Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe. Following the end of the match, as soon as he is able to stand, Bobby Lashley immediately darts out of the ring and starts chasing down the Pope, leaving Raven alone in the ring. As Raven turns to leave the ring, out of nowhere “The Monster” Abyss sneaks up behind him and waits for him to turn around. Raven turns around and sees Abyss standing right behind him. Abyss lunges as to attack Raven but Raven ducks out of the ring just in time. Abyss and Raven stare each other down as the camera cuts away.

Cutting away, Impact Wrestling now goes to a backstage segment where Mick Foley is standing by with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and the masked man who attacked the Motor City Machine Guns last week.

Mick Foley: First off, I gotta say, nice mask dude.

The masked man just stares at Foley.

Mick Foley:
Geez it was just a complement…Anyway, London, Kendrick, what’s with this guy?

Paul London:
This guy, this guy’s name is Tommy Mercer. We brought him here with us to Impact Wrestling to watch our backs, to do our dirty work, to do anything we tell him to do.

Mick Foley:
So basically, he’s your slave?

Brian Kendrick: He’s not a slave ok? He is our “servant”, he is to make sure that those Motor City Machine Guns and any other tag team on this roster stays out of our way.

Paul London:
You seen firsthand last week just what Tommy here can do. Add that kind of destructive power with our super huge talent and who knows where we can go in this company. We could be tag team champions, one of us could be X Division champion, heck one of us could even be world heavyweight champion. The sky’s the limit and nothing or no one is going to stand in our way. Ha, I’d like for them to try!

London and Kendrick remain staring in to the camera as Tommy Mercer stands behind them as an imposing presence. The camera remains focused on them right up until it cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts to the announce booth where Mike Tenay and Taz continue hyping up the main event tonight where we will crown a new world tag team champion as Beer Money takes on the British Invasion. The hype doesn’t last too terribly long though as the show moves on to match #5.

Match #5: Jeff Jarrett w/ A.J. Styles vs. Kevin Nash

A match that is sure to get pretty intense, this one pits Jeff Jarrett against the N.W.O.’s Kevin Nash. Luckily for Jeff Jarrett, he will have some backup during this match as “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles will be at ringside. Jeff Jarrett is the first man out to the ring, shadowed by A.J. Styles. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash is out next. Kevin, dressed in black and grey, slowly makes his way down the ramp, taunting Jeff Jarrett the whole time. Jarrett doesn’t wait for Kevin to reach the ring, he charges at him and meets him half way up the ramp. The ref then calls for the bell as the match is officially underway.

With A.J. Styles watching on, Jarrett and Nash begin battling each other on the entrance ramp. Jarrett just starts unloading on him, even managing to get Nash off his feet at one point. For nearly the first three fourths of this match it is all Jarrett. Jarrett takes Nash from the ramp, all the way around the guard rail and back again. At this point Nash has been busted wide open and things aren’t looking very good for him at all. Eventually the match moves to inside the ring and we see the first in ring action of the match. Now in the actual ring, Nash is able to prop himself up more which allows him to defend himself a little better, extending his time in the match. Nash hangs on rather well, even managing to get a few punches and elbows in but they do little to no good, Jarrett has the match nearly won. Nash keeps on for a few more moments but soon Jarrett gets him in position, position for his finishing move, The Stroke. After a brief altercation, Jeff hits an impressive Stroke on the big man, laying him out for good. Jeff then covers Kevin and gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett starts jumping for joy over the victory excited that he was able to beat Nash and show that he’s not afraid of the N.W.O. A.J. joins him in celebration. The two remain in the ring, celebrating their victory when they are interrupted by the sound of a motorcycle engine. Out of the entrance tunnel roars Eric Bischoff. Bischoff stops at the top of the entrance ramp and starts revving his engine, obviously to distract A.J. and Jeff while Scott Hall and X-Pac sneak up behind them and start attacking them. As soon as Kevin can stand, he joins in the attack. The attack continues for several seconds before the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy comes running through the crowd with a steel pipe in hand. Once the N.W.O. sees this they immediately leave the ring. Jeff enters the ring and checks on the conditions of both A.J. and Jeff Jarrett as the members of the N.W.O. back away, laughing the whole time. The camera cuts away as Jeff continues attending to Jarrett and Styles.

Right before Impact Wrestling goes to commercial break, we see a double shot of Beer Money and the British Invasion walking down the hallway towards the ring. The main event, for the world tag team championship, is next!


Match #6: Beer Money vs. The British Invasion – Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match

It is now main event time where we will crown a new world tag team champion. First team out to the ring are the Brits, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams. Magnus and Williams get mostly boos from the crowd but they don’t care, they’re pretty much used to it at this point. Following shortly thereafter is Beer Money. James Storm and Robert Roode get a mostly positive reaction from the crowd as they make their way down the ramp. Once they make it to the ring, Jeremy Borash makes the official introductions, the referee raises the belts, and the match begins.

Robert Roode and Doug Williams begin the match inside the ring for their respective teams. Early on, the momentum in the match favors Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus a little more. Doug Williams is able to exploit Roode’s gung ho attack strategy and pick it apart. They are successful in getting under their skin. When Roode tags in James Storm he doesn’t have much success either, falling in to the same trap. The Brits are also very successful in executing quick tags, allowing each member enough time to regain his energy as the other one wears down their opponents. Williams wears them down with submission like moves whereas Magnus wears them down with simple, straightforward strength. Soon, the Brits start pulling away. There is a brief momentum shift when James Storm re-enters the match but it doesn’t last long, soon the Brits get the momentum back and they don’t ever let it go again. What remaining energy Beer Money has left is now gone. It’s only a matter of time before they are put away and Doug Williams is the one to do it. Hitting his finishing move, the Chaos Theory, perfectly, he quickly covers Robert Roode and the ref counts, 1, 2, 3, new champions!

Winners and New Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion

The crowd surprisingly starts cheering for the British Invasion as the referee hands them their new belts. They raise them up high above their heads as the crowd continues cheering. Impact Wrestling fades to black with a shot of the British Invasion standing victorious as Beer Money struggles to their feet.

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