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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
I just watched Big Show win the WWF title at Survivor Series 99 and it made me realize how shitty they booked the 4 way Mania match. If anything, it made more sense to have a 3 way match than Foley getting involved at all.

Instead of Big Show having a three week title reign (HHH politics I'm sure), Big Show should of held the title until No Way Out when he's screwed by Triple H & DX. Rock wins the rumble, and Triple H vs Rock is set. Big Show completely loses it and destroys everyone on the roster (EVERYONE) every week until McMahon is forced to put him in the Mania match. No McMahon in every corner bullshit, no Foley in the match.

*Don't get me wrong, Mania 2000 should of only been Rock vs Triple H, but if they were going to include Big Show in, this is how they should of did it.*
That's all you needed to write really. It's a travesty that we never got Rock vs HHH at a WrestleMania.

We should have got Austin vs HHH at Mania X8 as well, WWE could have played on the 'two man power trip' angle and closed it off with a returning face HHH going over Stone Cold. Just have Austin claim that Hunter was weak (hence the injury) and was holding him back, hence why they lost the tag titles. It would make sense in a way because Steve was holding the superior singles title when both men were together (no homo). The match would have had actual heat, unlike the HHH vs Stephanie, I mean Jericho angle. I also think that the fans would have been up for it even if it went after Rock vs Hogan.

Obviously Austin would have had to have become the undisputed champion at Vengeance 2001. At least he warranted it unlike glorified upper mid carder Jericho.

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