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Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread

Heres another one from the same thread by the user MaeYoung seems a bit like stealing now but these are great ideas and will be the last one i do

Great ideas. I love the idea of building one character from the ground up starting from a territory to going to NXT and being paired with a Pro. I like the idea of the CAW being able to pick who their Pro is with all the different pros and cons listed for that Pro but I would take this two steps further by making it longer and having it help the CAW develop their attributes: Strike Power, Grapple Power, Submission, Strike Defense, Grapple, Speed, Agility, Adrenaline, Recovery, Toughness, Charisma, and Tag Team. So for example, there are 8 Pros available, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, the Miz, Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, and Christian. Each Pro would have their own strengths to add to your attributes. I would bring back the Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 fighting styles for this feature which were high-flyer, hardcore, submission artist, powerhouse, showman, brawler, dirty and technical. As for the fighting styles, you do not have to have two. You can just have one. I think it would be a good idea to implement the fighting styles at this section of the game to help develop your CAW.

Picking Regal or Bryan as a Pro
So for example, if you want your CAW to be a submission specialist, you would pick either Regal or Bryan to be your Pro. And you would improve this skill by winning matches via Submission. Reversing Signatures and Finishers would improve your Strike Defense as well. So going forward, your Submission, Grapple and Strike Defense would be pretty high once entering the main roster. Submission artist and technical would be the fighting style choices available.

Picking Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio as a Pro
Seeing these two names next to each other, you already know that this individual is a high-flyer. Doing moves from off the top ropes and doing spring boards and diving outside the ring would improve your speed and agility with each winning match. Jumping off of ladders and off the steel cage would improve the Adrenaline. High-Flyer and Hardcore would be the fighting style choices available.

Picking The Big Show and Mark Henry as a Pro
You either going to be a brute force of strength like Big Show or a powerhouse like Mark Henry. Doing Grappling moves and using plenty of strikes will see a raise in your Strike Power and Grapple Power. Taking a beating and winning matches will improve your Recovery. Under these two, you could end up with the Powerhouse and Brawler fighting style.

Picking the Miz and Christian as a Pro
These two men were both in some very successful tag teams and they can be pretty cocky at times so picking these men will help boost your Tag Team and Charisma. So I encourage you to taunt a lot and when doing tag team matches, you're tagging your partner and doing tag team moves to increase those attributes. And winning matches with Hot Tag would help improve your Toughness after taking a beating. Under these two, you could end up with the Showman or Dirty fighting style.

Now that you have chosen your Pro. You can either let the CPU generate the other 7 Nxt contenders or you can create them yourselves. During NXT, the 8 competitors would cover different match types - single, tag, 6 man tag, battle royals, steel cage, ladder, first blood, etc. So Week 1, every NXT competitor would be in a one on one match with your Pro and their Pro at ringside.Week Two would be a Tag Team match. You're teaming with your Pro. Then Week 3, you go into a specialty match like the Steel Cage. And you get a match with the Legend of Steel Cage matches - Jimmy Snuka. Each week, you win and you get a point. People get eliminated. You win NXT after X amount weeks. Instead of getting a title shot, I would tweak it. You get to wrestle either on RAW or Smackdown or whatever brand for that matter.

After winning NXT, you get to pick which brand you want and it is here where you get to choose whether you are a Good Guy or a Heel. Each one leading your CAW down a different path.

Being the Good Guy
- Go at it solo
- Form a Tag Team with your Pro
- Form a Stable with other NXT guys
- Go at it solo with a Manager

You get to choose when you debut
- Debut on RAW
- Debut at Royal Rumble
- Even the odds and help your Pro out whose in a 2 on 1 situation
- The Santino Treatment - Be picked from the crowd and win

Being the Bad Guy
- Go at it Solo
- Form a Tag Team with your Pro
- Form a Stable with other NXT guys
- Go at it solo with a Manager

You get to choose when you debut
- Debut on Smackdown
- Debut at Royal Rumble
- Cost your Pro an important match (# 1 Contender or title match)
- The Rikishi Treatment - I did it for (The Rock) my Pro

While going at it solo, you will find yourself in a feud with your Pro. Forming a Tag Team with your Pro - if you're a Good guy, your Pro will turn his back on you. If you're the Heel, you will turn your back on your Pro. I could go on but I'll stop now. LOL

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