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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Foley/Orton, Backlash 2004 - ****1/2
HHH/HBK/Benoit, Backlash 2004 - ****1/2
Lesnar/HHH, Summerslam 12 - ****1/4
Lesnar/Goldberg, Mania XX -

Didn't get around to Cena/Punk NOC or Seamus/Show yet. Maybe tomorrow.
Forgot to add my thoughts because I was in a rush earlier on. For anybody who cares lol...

Foley/Orton - I dare anybody to say Orton hasn't earned his stripes after watching this match. Legend Killer Orton, as a character, is criminally underrated imo. He was perfect in the role HHH/Flair cast for him and backed up everything they said about him too. The thumb tack spot and the diving elbow off the stage are sick. Just a flat out war between these two with Foley doing what he does best; making other guys look a million bucks. Randy Orton officially arrives when this thing is over and to this day this remains one of his best matches ever imo.

HHH/HBK/Benoit - at the crowd. Constant YOU SCREWED BRET and YOU TAPPED OUT chants. The Hebner stuff was awesome and I'm pretty sure made most folks there shit a brick, haha. Another awesome match but it had no chance of living up to the Mania XX triple threat. It really says something when a match can be this good and still only be in second place. The ending is beautiful too.

Lesnar/HHH - I know I'm in the minority with this one but I absolutely adore this thing. The arm work from Lesnar is sublime. Everything he does targets the arm right from the get go. I marked the fuck out when he took his gloves off. What a BADASS moment followed with a great big punch to the back of the head. Brilliance. Trips sells like a trooper and I love the story they told in this thing. Hunter accidentally stumbling upon the monsters weakness is wonderful and holy fucking Christ did Brock ever sell that thing like death. As much of a massive HHH mark I am, I marked out for Brock Lesnar in this match way more than Hunter. The man is not human.

Lesnar/Goldberg - THIS MATCH SUCKS! THIS MATCH SUCKS! Yeah, I don't blame you NYC lol. Nothing much to say here except .

HHH is a master at making you believe that the other guy has him beat. As a child that Taka match had me in a rage lol. I thought he was done, haha. HHH/Taka, HHH/Maven, HHH/Shelton, HHH/Eugene are all examples of what I'm talking about. Complete edge of your seat stuff because as the match progresses you start to think that maybe the other guy is actually in with a shot of beating the Game. Great stuff.
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