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Project Ego vs The Thrillers - IPW:UK No Escape 2012
Super fun tag match. Project Ego are awesome goofballs. God wrestling needs more goofy heel tag teams like them. They sacrifice a lot of the length that you'd normally give the heat segment to the babyfaces working on top but when the babyfaces running roughshod on the goofy heels is this good then it probably works for the better. Haskins and Redman are really good as british fans should know. Sucks Haskins kinda flopped his chance in TNA on first impressions which count for everything because he's really good and has a super superstar look about him. Redman's on NXT now so good for him. He hits some peachy suplexes towards the end. Great babyface team. Great heel team. Well laid out match. Guess what you end up with.


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Sami Callihan - IPW:UK No Escape 2012
Shame that the second half of this wasn't as great as the first half because otherwise it could have been a legit MOTYC. Both guys kill each other at the start and work super stiff. Zack needs to work more of these matches and not just when he faces Walter or Sami. This is obviously where Sami's at his best too and he doesn't let his annoying mannerisms get in the way of him beating someone up. Loses its way a bit in the second half and they kinda give up any limb work they started and lay off on the stiffness a bit too. Still really good though.


Chris Masters vs Stixx - IPW:UK Revolution 2012
Ahh the nostalgic feeling of Masters carrying an average guy to a great Superstars esque match. Masters needs to turn up on more Indy shows and do his thing because his thing rules. Hasn't lost a step and he's still awesome working from the bottom up. Finish is really good too. Stixx is a guy that normally sucks but Masters leads him to by far the best thing he's ever been apart of. Probably just shy of a nomination with any weight but it's Masters in a great match and people who dug his Superstar run will dig this just as much as me.


Marty Scurll vs Sami Callihan - IPW:UK Revolution 2012
Great match. Sami on smaller shows tends to deliver more often than not because he's just doing what he's best at and not overdoing his character so that it feels forced and phony. Stuff on the stage was great. Scurll really steps up to a level he hasn't been in a singles match before. Leg work is good and the good thing about leg work in Callihan matches is that it always goes somewhere and isn't just filler. Scurll's selling is great and not just when the leg gets attacked. Dug the finish given the context of the match with Marty working from behind for the majority of the match post stage bump and the leg halting any of his attempted comebacks. Good way of making your new champ look great without making Calliahn look any worse than him.

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