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Re: Velvet Sky Returning to TNA

Originally Posted by Roncaglione View Post
As he was so wrong on the departures of D-Von, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix? Good one buddy.
Meltzers crap is pretty much assuming, but put out as "news". I could say that there's a merge between WWE and TNA for 2 months, and the only way I'll get people to believe it is by slapping the old "according to non-existent sources" tag on it.

Obvious working of the IWC by TNA is obvious. Once his assumptions, or "reports" are proven wrong, and this is for other reports on other sites, they try to come up with an excuse like how they changed plans because the word got out to 5,000 marks online and was a last minute change, or saying someone's contract is up, or a cameo being made (Christian at HOF and 3D's contract), and then they put an excuse like it was cancelled or a contract was re-signed.
If his "sources" are so "reliable", why did the word of Devon's re-signing come out AFTER he shows up at Bound For Glory? He also said that WWE tag teams and divas were getting massive pushes because of tag teams showing up and the Kaitlyn story, a day AFTER it was so fucking obvious to see on Raw. Yet, the tag team push has fallen(not by a lot) and the divas are still an afterthought.

Other than taped spoilers, ratings info, and Bryan Alverez's great rants on TNA's Russo shit, I dont care for Wrestling Observer. Meltzer is a joke.

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