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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
Roode vs Storm is great, but it's overrated to hell on here. Meltzer's rating on it is actually fair.

Just watched this gem:

Lockdown 2011 - Ultra Male Rules Match:
Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett ~ DUD

Good lord this was a trainwreck.

Submission fall was over and done with in 5 minutes. Bad start. Lazy attempts at working in a submission till the ankle lock was finally locked in cause the random tap out by Jarrett. During that first fall the ref was making pin attempts btw...

Second fall begins and this match is SO boring. Completely going through the motions here. Because while Angle's matches get overrated (here's looking at you Meltzer) you know when he's putting in effort. None was there during this point. Jarrett is an underrated cat, but he's doing shit all during this too. Blah blah blah nothing happens. Jarrett eventually rolls up Angle holding the tights to get the 3. Only Angle, Taz, & Tenay all weren't sure that it really was a 3 count. WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME IN TNA? That end of the fall was seriously underwhelming.

Match goes on. Gunner comes out to make sure Kurt can't leave. Then Scott Steiner comes out to run off Gunner. Nobody cares. Angle and Jarrett eventually meet on the top rope where they prepare a powerbomb spot only something went wrong mid-air and Angle bounces off of his head. Looked like he tried to counter it mid move into a frankensteiner. Lolz. Bad idea. Both are DOWN FROM THE CARNAGE. Jarrett climbs the opposite side, waiting. What's he waiting for? Oh that's right, for Angle to rise up from the dead and hit a top rope Angle slam. Of course. How could I have not seem that coming? Angle opens the door and leaves...BUT WAIT! He wants to continue the punishment. Oh no, nevermind he's leaving. NO HE'S NOT! He's back for the punishment this time~! Jarrett is beat down. Angle goes to the top of the cage and does his moonsault spot that he did vs Anderson the year prior. He completely misses Jarrett. Ouch x2. After both men are down for more filler time, Angle gets up and tries to leave. Karen Jarrett comes back (she was removed from ringside to start) and sprays Angle with perfume. Jarrett works on going out Kurt fights off being blind and stops Jarrett. AMAZING. Ankle lock is on, Karen is trying to pull Jeff out. No go. She magically pulls out a guitar from nowhere. Or behind the steel steps. It's one of those. Jarrett is in the ankle lock and he tries to position himself to nail Angle with the guitar. I know Kurt sees it, but why won't he let go of the hold? He knows that's going to be smashed over his head. Guess he's too busy being blind with REVENGE. Jarrett smashes him with the guitar. lolz. Now Jarrett once again begins to crawl out. That's got to be it...BUT NO!!!! ANGLE IS STILL ALIVE! ANKLE LOCK~~!~! Karen grabs the door and boom it goes right in Kurt's face. Jarrett finally falls out and we have a winner.

jesus fuckin christ.
One word describes this match - MESS! This is Russo101 shitfest horsefucking swallow blowjob nookie booking. Fuck this shit to oblivion.


- Angle's dance of death where he almost died
- so many technical errors in the match
- why did the Submission Fall had to go first
- stupid cocksucking Hebner counting 1-2-3... in the SUBMISSION FALL
- no ring bells in between Falls, IIRC, therefore - no one actually knew what's the score for awhile
- over the top overbooking
- spots for the sake of spots

Usually, these kind of trainwrecks are at least ridiculosly entertaining, but this was just horror.
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