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Re: Royal Rumble 2013

Originally Posted by DegenerateXX View Post
I REALLY hope they don't pull a 2011 where the winner is a new guy who has never been world champ. Alberto Del Rio winning that was an utter disgrace. I don't hate him, but I hate the idea of pushing someone to winning the Rumble when there's no telling whatsoever that said superstar will be a success with the crowd. And right now it's iffy if he even is.

All prior rumbles featured a winner who was seasoned and had a successful career going. In other words, a STAR needs to win Rumble. That means not Ryback. This is why even though I like guys like Barrett and Sandow, I don't really want to see either of them win either.

And it had better not be Cena. Screw this company if that dirtbag wins another.

As for my preference? It would've been Jericho, but he said on Twitter that it is doubtful he will be back in time. So, I want Punk to win. He can win the Rumble AND fight Rock for all I care. He's the best option and is easily the most deserving.
Y2J should've won this year than Sheamus. Sheamus turned into new superman at WM28, I don't think Y2J gonna win, It's gonna be either Ryback or Barrett. I think Barrett should win 2013 Rumble match & face Sheamus WM29 world title or wins No.1 contender SD chamber match which might be great idea. Ryback-Show match world title is NOT great idea, if Ziggler wins title by TLC, I'd think Sheamus or Orton Vs Ziggler world title & drops it 2 Sheamus at EC
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