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Re: ASS CREED III - October 30th, 2012....Bye Ezio :'(

I played ASS1 and 'twas average. Didn't bother buying the other games after even though I read positive reviews. Got this as a present from my sister for getting my Master diploma as a surprise so, cool. I've played it for 2/3 hours now, going through the story and dicking around. Boston is beautiful, very well made. The story is interesting too, I like how you meet famous people and the bio's are interesting to read. Running and climbing around is very fluid and cool. The only thing I don't like about the gameplay itself is that everything's B, and how fuckin' easy it is to kill people at times. Grab a weapon, hold zoom and press Y and you auto-lock on an enemy and kill it one shot. You don't even have to aim yourself really, it's that easy. I've died 2 times now and not because the game was challenging; one time I accidentally jumped off a roof, and the other time I pissed off a huge group of guards and they attacked my partner, who started dying so I had to help him and we got raped in the process.

I also hope we get to use the open world more. So far it's just been; go to this point, cut scene, go do this quickly, cut scene. You can't really interact with the rest of the world, like it would be cool if you could buy random shit in the markets, or if you could talk to random people and they give you a minor mission. Maybe this will happen down the line though, it does feel like they're still setting up the story and trying to teach me all the mechanics. I guess I'm more used to games like Red Dead Redemption in which you could walk into basically every house, and you'd randomly encounter missions or people trapping you. You could also kill every person you saw, while in Ass Creed you can't (well maybe you can if you rob them, and they find out and attack you?).

So yeah, enjoying it so far but hopefully it gets better the further I get.

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