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How To Reboot ROH's Tag Division

I've been watching Ring of Honor since 2005, and I have to say that ROH is at it's worst state right now (yes even worst then 2009). There's a lot of things missing from the ROH product right now.A stale roster, no feuds, terrible undercard, but the number one thing missing from the ROH product is an actual good tag team division. ROH has always been built on great tag team wrestling. So, what woudl you do to rebuild ROH's tag division? Who would you drop, add to the roster, and what changes need to be made?

The number one thing I would do is hire a bunch of new talent to jump start the division. Here's a list of teams I would add to the roster.

FIST- FIST would be a great addition to the Ring of Honor roster. I have been watching Chickara wrestling for years and FIST has always standed out for me. Over the years they have matured as a team, and these past couple of years they have been at there best. The combination of Chuck Taylor, Icarus, Grand Akuma, and Johnny Gargano is just an amazing stable. Have Gargano face off against main eventers, Chuck Taylor linger around the midcard facing off for the TV title, and Grand Akuma and Icarus battling for the tag belts.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick- Ok I know Paul London is probably in the worst shape of his life at the moment, but I think London and Kendrick would be an awesome addition to the ROH roster. London had a great run with PWG awhile back, and Brian Kendrick can still go in the ring. They have great chemistry as a team, and would add much needed star power to the broken tag team division.

The RockNess Mosters- I've seen a lot of their PWG work, and I really love this team. Goodtime and Yuma work awesome together as a team. If ROH could snatch these guys from PWG they would have a great addition to the tag roster. I think they one of the better PWG teams out there (besides The Young Bucks).

The Dark City Fight Club- I've always been a fan of The Dark City Fight Club, and they could pull off an decent midcard tag team. I was really disappointed in their first run in ROH, but I think they could do big things in Ring of Honor. They're a very dominant team who would stand out from the other teams in ROH.

Da Soul Touchaz- I really do not know how these guys don't have a permanent spot in Chikara, PWG, or ROH. I think they're a really entertaining group and would make for a decent lower card comedy tag team.
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