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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

iMPACT! Preview

Clash of brothers/enemies
The battle for the Heavyweight Championship of the World has been set. At Final Resolution, two men will collide for exactly that, their final resolution. Over almost the last decade two men have battled for supremacy like no other in TNA Wrestling. The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Both men have battled each other time and time again in almost every type of match imaginable. To this end they ended up respecting each other and became the closest thing friends can be to brothers.

But now that has all changed as this time it is for the greatest prize in all of professional wrestling. The reigning and defending four time Champion of the World AJ Styles will have to defend against the man who knows him better than any other, who has defeated him more times than any other, who has partnered with him more than any other, Christopher Daniels.

After all of this the fact that Daniels has never been Champion, may have driven him insane with jealousy and rage and the chance to finally be known as the best wrestler in the world has driven a wedge between the two men that can not be healed. Both men are scheduled to be at the impact zone and maybe not even they know what they will do!

Daniels has been scheduled to face another of his “friends” on Impact, the X Division gladiator, Kazarian. Daniels has gone on record to state that Styles has Frankie fooled and has him fighting his battles for him. Daniels has accepted the match an wants to use it to send the Champion of the World a message of things to come.

Television glory
The four men who will face off to be the very first TNA Television Champion will pair off this week in two matches to provide the winners with momentum going into Final Resolution. With pride on the line these four men will no doubt go all out to ensure they are ready for the Title match. Everyone always wants to be known as the first, these matches could very well decide who could be considered the favourite at Final Resolution.

Angle/Wolfe 2?
After being bested by Kurt Angle using a never before used move by the Olympic Gold medallist, Desmond Wolfe has said he is not done with him yet. Wolfe storming into TNA went immediately after Angle believing he could defeat him, only to fall short after a dominant display. Angle though looking to regain the World Championship has been knocked off course by Wolfe. Last week he waited for Wolfe to enter the impact zone so he could give him the beating of his life. But lost his tag match against Wolfe when partner AJ Styles was pinned by Daniels. Angle no doubt wants to even the score now, how will answer Wolfe>

Tag Team Championship ultimatum
Team 3D, has managed to remove the two top contenders from the face of the TNA landscape. Sending a message to the current Champions the British invasion, that they are disgusted by the fact that they do not possess the championships, and another team falslely believes they are the best tag team in all of wrestling. Will the Brit’s accept their challenge?

Main Event revenge or solidification?
A huge main event has been booked by Jim Cornette. A Bound For Glory 2009 rematch. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley. Joe lost the match to Lashley via guillotine choke. In refusing to tap he was put unconscious by the powerhouse’s grip. Joe has issued the challenge and demands vengeance. Lashley accepting the challenge has vowed to once again to put Joe out either by submission or his knockout power.

All this and much more as Raven’s criptic messages have yet to be deciphered or explained…

Tune in to TNA Impact this Thursday on Spike TV as we get closer to the Final Resolution of 2009!
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