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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
"Superman performances" can be fun sometimes. I love it when Taker would make those big comebacks in tag team matches where he gives everyone his signature moves before the finish. Sting and Lex had fiery comebacks against Flair that lit up a crowd and made you feel this was going to be the final comeuppance for Flair.

However, sometimes when Cena does it the build doesn't make the comeback feel as special to me. Sometimes a comeback like that could make what happened before sour instead finally the heel is going to get his ass handed to him. Examples of Cena comebacks I didn't like - Cena/Orton I Quit Match (I agree fantastic match but still wasn't digging the comeback), Nexus tag at SummerSlam '10, Cena/Miz I Quit Match, and quite a few TV matches in general over the years (usually tag matches). Cena's babyface performance overall in the Lesnar match at Extreme Rules is tremendous but I can understand why people hate the finish even though Lesnar's brutality and presence, and Cena taking all of that punishment forced many of us in Allstate Arena to root for the hero. Cena comebacks that I love are his LMS with Umaga and I Quit Match with JBL to name a couple. I even enjoyed the character work he did in his Survivor Series match with Jericho a few years ago.
Isn't the Summerslam tag a victim of the PPV running too long? I thought I heard that which is why Cena took out Gabriel & Barrett in such a swift span.

Kudos on dropping Flair vs *any hot face at the time*. Especially Luger. That guy had his career performances thanks to Flair.

Originally Posted by DFUSCMAN View Post

So I just watched this classic again after not seeing it in a very long time and it's just as incredible as I remembered.

Spoiler for Funk vs. Flair Match Review/breakdown of the match:
From the start you can feel the hate between Funk and Flair. Physical attacks by both funk and flair. Flair with ruthless chops and Funk doing everything he can to put as much physical pain as possible onto flair. Starts with immediate action with no feeling out process which signifies the process of the I Quit match. The emotion from the start is incredible.

Terry Funk's performance in this match is one of the greatest I've ever seen. Funk hits a neckbreaker on flair to gain the advantage and just starts to destroy the neck of flair. Screaming at flair with the mic "Remember your neck!" Funk hits a vicious piledriver in the ring and an absolutely ruthless piledriver on the floor one right after another and the selling of the offense is incredible by flair. Funk continues his offense on flair asking for flair to quit and flair will not. Funk sets up a table to end flair and flair turns the tables on funk with desperate chops and punches. Funk sells Flair's attacks like they are the most painful attacks he's ever felt.

Flair once he gains the advantage just tries to destroy Funk, and Funk trying to carry on the family legacy just keeps coming back to fight him. Then Flair begins to work on the leg, flair places Funk's leg across the rope and the pop he gets is incredible. Flair works over the leg fantastically, and funk sells like he has a dead leg. Funk will not go down because he's giving it his all, even after ruthless shots and his leg gives out on him.

We get an incredible moment between Funk and Flair by the ropes where they are just punching and chopping at eachother. Then Flair locks in the figure four. Funk screams that he will never quit, Funk screams that his leg is breaking and says I quit.

Absolutely incredible match, Funk and Flair left me speechless. *****

Link: http://www.wwe.com/videos/clash-of-t...51989-25058774
Incredible match, indeed. Their Great American Bash '89 match is even better, imo. Watch that again if you haven't already.

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Best Cena/Show match is still that Smackdown 09 match. Shame most of their PPV encounters are amongst their worst, because with the right setting and motivation they do have good chemistry.
YES (one word sums up my response)

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