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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Kicking the show off with the champion is always a good start especially when he has a high profile match coming up soon. I like actually how Edge was putting Cody over in the first part of his promo saying that he does offer a new type of challenge because he is young and eager. Cody coming out and playing off what Edge said was smart as well; this promo has a good flow to it. Obviously Cody will be getting in that cheap heat and calling the crowd ugly, glad you're keeping the Dashing gimmick on him. I thought for a second Long was going to book a tag team match or Rhodes vs DA UNDERTAKAH~! but Pick Your Poison is always a fun concept and I'm intrigued to see who both men pick for the other. Good start to the show here mate

Interesting that you're putting Beth in the Rumble match here - I don't think I've ever seen a BTB where a woman is in the Rumble. The thing I found most interesting about this match was Dolph and Kaval though. I'd expect Ziggler to be a prick about Phoenix but I would have thought Kaval would have taken her a lot more seriously. So maybe you're hinting a Kaval heel turn? That'd be pretty fun to read so Book It! Phoenix does look like a don here by just cleaning house, and I can imagine that Kaval would have got some decent heat for kicking Beth square in the face. Good win for Ziggler and an even better one for Kaval; a rare win for him aha.

I can sense some funny segments with Cody Rhodes being a theme in this show

Some nice stuff from McIntyre. This little angle is great for both him and Barretta as they are both being appropriately used. The match between them tonight could well steal the show so I'm looking forward to seeing it. I also like that you actually had Kelly singing Drew's praises as well, I thought she would have just stood there looking scared.

Nice win for Show; you need to make your giant look good heading into the Rumble just to make whoever eliminates him look even better.

I'm thinking Masters would have been a good route for Edge to go down... because fucking look at him! I hope to see more from Masters in this thread because I was actually massive Chris Masters fan around this time period because of just how good he'd gotten in the ring. So I hope that you capitalise on this; plus he was over as fuck.

That was brilliant between Rhodes and Phoenix; he'll literally take anyone.

Mysterio was a good choice for Rhodes to face as their real life encounters prove that they do have that chemistry to put on a good match. Rhodes getting the win here was a must because in the Pick Your Poison matches the heel usually always wins their match cleanly, which Cody did here. I'm not sure where you are taking Mysterio in this thread, I'm sure that he'll be in the Rumble but what you've got planned for him until or after it I don't know. Good win for Cody, and I did laugh at him running straight to the back to look for an opponent for Edge. Once again, Edge nodding puts over Rhodes as a challenger so you're doing a fantastic job of building up Rhodes as a threat to the title.

Kane determined on hurting people in the Rumble... what could go wrong? Nice to see you've given the big guy some direction, and like Show he needs to be built up to look like a monster during the run in to the Rumble.

Wow so Kelly's a slut. Trent just no-selling it all was pretty funny as well I think Kelly and Drew are turning into somewhat of a power couple on Smackdown here.

I've never seen a bitchy heel Kelly Kelly before in a thread and she's pretty entertaining! The match was flowing nicely and then she got involved. McIntyre comes out of this looking like a monster, which is awesome and it was really all down to Kelly's distraction. AJ?!! YES! Thsi just makes the whole thing so much more interesting because now I want to know why she feels like she has to jump over the barricade and attack both Drew and Kelly. I'm guessing she might have some connection with either Trent, Drew or Kelly but that is a mystery that will most likely have to be solved next week. Nice job here giving these guys some more time again.

I wonder who is under that mask... In a way I do find it believable that Cody couldn't find anyone because no one likes him, but at the same time the had someone accept his offer they'd have gotten a chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion and make a name for themselves - it just seems like an opportunity too good to turn down. Although Rhodes picking himself was smart on his part as he was left no choice. I like how you made sure to point out that he was breathing heavily after already competing and running around the back for the whole show. Using the chair as a way to just hurt Edge was a nice touch and just through this show alone you've now created some bad blood between these two and next week either Edge will praise Rhodes for being so smart or just be pissed off. Nice main event and a good way to end the show with Rhodes standing tall.

I really enjoyed this show if I am being honest bro You've done a great job in making Cody look like a threat to the title as Edge has been singing his praises and he got the better of the champion in every aspect during the show. The Drew/Trent storyline is kicking up a notch and catching my attention as well. Good show man, nothing of note to criticise really so well done Onto Raw <3 Oh and fucking lol at 'The Bitch' He knows his place.
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