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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DarthSimian View Post
I was talking about performance in Indian pitches

You were talking about how "easy" it is to score here and all you have in defence of that is a "one series win"?

India doesn't have any problems as far as batting is concerned. There is always a Kohli or Pujara in the ranks.

But then, tests are hardly the future. Nobody cares about it. Which is why Shield is worthless.
We did well enough to push you in the 2001 tour before Laxman and Dravid's epic innings. We defeated you in 2004 on your own turf. Deal with it son, you got schooled on your own flat track and cannot beat us on ours. I look forward to the Poms humbling you next month again.

It is easy for the Indians accustomed to batting on dusty, flat roads. As soon as they see a hint of green (like in 2004) they crumble and can't get a grip on a series.

Kohli is a limited overs specialist and lacks the mental toughness for tests.

We go over this time and time again. You're in the head son. Tests are the pinnacle, and once a new ball is manufcatured that everyone is happy with, and tests can go day/night, then the ratings & crowds will come back with a surge of momentum. Enjoy the crash and bash whilst it lasts.

Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
I give up Thrush, I'll back down on the "you copied & pasted the term muppet from either myself (I was wrong there) or another poster" claim I made. I'm surrendering on this not because I think you didn't adopt someone else's thoughts as your own, but because I can't be fucked reading through page after page of NRL/state of origin drivel, talk about an energy drainer, how fucking boring!!!
At least I'll sleep well now, but tomorrow when I wake, you still won't be a 2nd grade cricketer & your lack of educated substance in this thread will remain. The parrot food is embedded in the tyres of the next car that approaches you, help yourself & enjoy your meal.
Goodnight all, sweet dreams.
Basically says... I've been destroyed, I can't counter this, I concede defeat and will now try and pull the wool over his eyes.
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