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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Edit: Taker/Angle September 2003- ****3/4

Angle had a fucking fantastic 3-week period with two matches at ****3/4 (the Taker/Angle match and then the Lesnar/Angle ironman).


Most overrated WWE match in 2012 (thus far) ?
-I would say Lesnar/HHH or Lesnar/Cena. I do think Lesnar/Cena is great, but it's nowhere near the MOTY in my opinion like a lot of people seem to think... based on this thread anyway. I love the brutality and just how much of a beast Lesnar looks throughout it, but I can't say I don't get bored watching the match at points. It was an incredibly unique match in today's WWE world and I'll give it that much, but I think what it comes down to ultimately is I'm not a fan of the MMA-style like others seem to be.

Lesnar/HHH I have problems with, but I'm not sure how highly it's regarded right now. I'd struggle to go past *** on it personally. I think Seguida (?) summed the match up perfectly and why I don't like it. It's not put on the pedestal of MOTY or among the best of the year (at least not top 5) like Lesnar/Cena is on pretty much everyone's list except mine, which is why I'm not sure which I'd say is more overrated. Lesnar/Cena I'd put considerably above Lesnar/HHH, but the difference between the general opinion of the matches and my own I think is greater for Lesnar/Cena.

Most underrated WWE match in 2012 (thus far) ?

I want to say Punk/Jericho WM, but I have seen plenty hold it in high regard and in a range I'd consider perfect, even though I have seen a few really down on it. I'm not entirely sure on most underrated, but I think Orton/Kane from WM28 deserves more credit than it gets. I thought it was a great, ***1/2 match between the two that I could sit down and watch several times and not get bored. Solid work from the two of them, though I'm not sure how the match is rated amongst the IWC. I know for sure it's under-talked about, which I suppose is fair considering it's on the same card that has Punk/Jericho, Taker/HHH HIAC, and Rock/Cena, not to mention the whole Sheamus/Bryan fiasco that's stench was still in the air as the match was taking place live.

PERSONAL favorite (NOT the best) ?

Honestly, I'd say for this year the best is my personal favorite (Punk vs. Bryan OTL). However, just to throw a match out there nobody would expect, one of my favorite TV matches was Barrett vs. Ryder... I think on SD a few weeks after he returned. The two worked very well together and was a solid *** match in my book. I think the first match with Sheamus on Raw was better and Barrett's best match since his return, but that Ryder match is a really fun watch for me and probably my favorite Barrett match since his return, as well as one of my favorite TV matches of the year (that I remember anyway ).

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