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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

I only noticed a few minor glitches, nothing game breaking. The only one that threw me for a loop was during a tag team match. Primo went into the "hot tag" mode and went to tag Epico. The cut scene played and Primo was crawling to the ropes adjacent to the commentary table instead of to Epico. He tagged the air and Epico came running in.

I am absolutely loving this game though. The game play feels a lot smoother than WWE 12. The hit detection is a lot more polished. Striking from behind looks way better in 13. I started out on Normal difficulty (the default) and the AI seems to put up a lot more of a fight. They will no longer go for their finishers immediately, leaving you with the easy ability to kick out. They will actually wear you down and attempt it at the most opportune moment.

Epic matches actually feel epic. It's not just a reversal fest. You're forced to defend yourself from heavy offense while maintaining your own. The pace of the matches feels quite realistic. I found myself shocked during some of the near falls. I had a match under the 'Normal' style with Brock/Cena and it still went back and forth between finishers, near falls, and submissions. It was pretty cool. Quick matches are exactly what they state. QUICK. I like this feature for building a guy through the rankings with squishes. I no longer have to go 10-15 minutes with Barrett vs guys like Gabriel/DiBiase. One small thing about quick matches that bugs me is how it correlates with the blood feature being turned on. It seems superstars will bleed way easier in quick matches, even from the simplest of moves. Which reminds me, the blood looks AMAZING this year. It pours and pours and pouuuuuurs.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase from the basic game play point of view.. I have yet to even scratch Universe or Attitude Era mode.
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