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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

87 Days - GET READY...

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
I say if they are going to continue to portray Rock as a Hollywood outsider in WWE then just let him actually be that character again. Let him be the opposite of Cena which in a way he already is but run with it. Cena's the white meat babyface who puts smiles on kids faces yet still gets boos. Have Rock be the Hollywood big shot heel even if he will likely receive cheers. I just don't want any more of this subtle attack on Rock's character like they did last time. If you want to make him look like the bad guy opposing Cena then do it the right way by letting Rock heel it up more imo.
Spot on. You could see the attempt to sabotage Rock in every chance they had. I will never forget the video package they did for Rock/Cena in the NBC WM27 special, that was the most obvious attempt to brainwash I have ever seen. I follows this industry for way too many years to know who has the support backstage and who they're trying to make look bad in the production. The thing is and always was his entire career, that Rock can overcome anything with pure charisma and showmanship talent that's above the level of cleverness and understanding of the wrestling business. Only two people in history are that kind of rare "teflon", The Rock and Ric Flair. Like I said before, Rock appearing on RAW like this:

Reality based, saying that he's The GOAT, bigger than wrestling and all the fans and kids in the locker room should be grateful that he even agreed to lower himself and save this place. Just for the crowd interaction, this is pure money. The problem is that Rock is doing record business everywhere and to even try to mess with it is a huge risk. Rock as a babyface is a machine formula and like he said on the Rock/Cena DVD. It's the opportunity for him to perform in front of a new audience, especially with the kids fanbase, to come out the larger than life greatest of all time as the heroic People's Champion is a better presentation than the Hollywood Rock character. At least for now. But I don't care if they really want the pointless rematch.

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