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I don't understand why..

WWE have this amazing crop of talent in Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus. All four guys who would have been legitimate players in any era of the business, yet they all are playing second fiddle on Smackdown, rarely any of them getting any considerable mic time or storylines.

When was the last time any of these guys had a proper storyline? It seems as though they are just interchangeably fighting each other for no reason every couple of months. I could see any of the 4 being credible champions during the Attitude Era, which is how good they are. They all have an amazing presence and great ability in the ring, yet they get nothing but crap.

It seems every week 1 of these 4 guys is involved in the best match on Raw. Last night it was Barrett-Orton, which raised the roof - while the lacklustre CM Punk show opening and closing promos did nothing but bore.

CM Punk is good, don't get me wrong, but he's not the guy who should be a 365-day champion face of the company. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Vince, or whoever is in charge in the back, but they have an amazing roster just going to waste.

People say they don't like all these 4 guys - but the reason is because none of them get any notable storylines. When was the last time Orton was in a legit storyline that wasn't just about feuding with someone for no reason? I think it was about 2009, during his feud with Triple H. Wade Barrett has had nothing since Nexus, Del Rio has pretty much never had a single storyline ever. Sheamus has a decent thing going on with Big Show right now, but still it isn't really anything more than "I'm better than you", "No, I'm better than you" garbage.

By storyline, I mean the type of stuff that CM Punk and John Cena get given. Stuff that makes you care about what's going to happen next, and not just pointless and interchangeable matchmaking, where every guy has equal footing.

It's a shame that storylines aren't permitted on Smackdown, otherwise these 4 guys would be upstaging CM Punk, Cena and co. every week. I suppose that's why they never get anything.
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