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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

WCW Monday Nitro
January 14, 2002
Live from Boston, MA

The WCW opening video plays featuring Eric Bischoff, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, Rey Mysterio (Masked), Road Warriors, and Diamond Dallas Page.

The pyro goes off in the Fleet Center as about 13,560 fans cheer. Tony Schiavone and Jerry the King Lawler welcome fans to another edition of Monday Nitro.

(Tony) – One week after our impressive return, welcome everyone to WCW Monday Nitro. I’m Tony Schiavone here along with Jerry “The King” Lawler and King, WCW is on the road to Superbrawl 2002 in a huge way.

(King) – We have a new World Heavyweight Champion with Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner winning the tournament last week, but we also have a number of unanswered questions. Who where those men responsible for the assaults on Booker T, Shane Douglas, and the interference in the main event last week, and who are they working for?

(Tony) – Many people thought Hollywood Hulk Hogan was behind it. We saw the footage of them heading into Hogan’s locker room, but later on at the end of the show, Hogan came out and single handily took them out. We know now that they went into Hogan’s locker room and ransacked it before Hogan actually arrived in the arena. So who is behind the attacks?

(King) – Your guess is as good as mine, but we can be sure of one thing. Tonight we’re going to hear from both Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the new World Heavyweight Champion, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.

(Tony) – Speaking of which, let’s head down to the ring.

“Thus Sprach Zarathustra” plays and the Nature Boy Ric Flair comes out. The fans in Boston give a huge WOOOOOOOO as the pyro goes off for the co-owner of WCW. Flair struts down to the ring and climbs through the ropes. The Nature Boy is handed a microphone and prepares to address the crowd.

(Ric) – WOOOOOOO The Nature Boy is back in Boston, and I hear we’re going to have a party!

Flair pauses as the fans continue cheering for him.

(Ric) – Last week, we witnessed a number of attacks from a group of masked men. When they interfered in the Main Event, Eric Bischoff came out and announced the match was going to continue under No Disqualification Rules. Now Eric, we all know how much you enjoy screwing over the wrestlers who bust their backs for this company. You’re no stranger to controversy Eric, so I’m calling you out right now.

Eric Bischoff’s music comes on and the boss heads out to the ring. Bischoff looks angry as he gets in the ring and confronts Ric Flair.

(Ric) – What are you thinking by getting WCW back involved with the NWO? I know you’re behind this Eric.

(Eric) – Not like I have to explain myself to anyone, but I’ll bite on this Ric. I am not behind any groups attacking WCW talent. I will go on record as to why I decided to let the main event continue under No Disqualification Rules and inform you that I don’t think the World Heavyweight Championship should be decided by disqualification or count out. Wrestling fans deserve to see a winner, and last week they got that with Big Poppa Pump. I maintain that I have nothing to do with assaults, but quite frankly I not opposed to them if it means controversy because as everyone knows controversy creates cash. It makes wrestling more exciting and unpredictable.

(Ric) – I will not have you play down the assaults last week. I know it’s you and I will pull my funding from WCW when I can prove you’re behind it.

(Eric) – For the last time Ric, I’m not behind it, but I can tell you what I am behind and that’s the Cruiserweight Championship being decided right here tonight in a triple threat ladder match.

(Ric) – I’m sure fans will be behind that match 100% but it doesn’t change the fact that people were screwed out of their opportunity to be the World Champion last week. What do you plan on doing about that?

(Eric) – Well Ric... I’ll tell you what I’m going to do about it. Tonight we’re going to do Beat the Clock with the winner getting Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner at WCW Superbrawl. Now if you’d excuse me we have a show to get going so can we get things going?

(Ric) – I’ll be watching your every move Eric, and the first slip up from you is the last time you will be the Boss around here. WOOOOOO

Flair’s music hits and the Nature Boy leaves the ring again as Tony and The King hype tonight’s Beat the Clock and WCW’s Cruiserweight Ladder Match.


David Penzer is in the ring to announce the first match for tonight’s Nitro.

Beat the Clock
Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly Page vs. Shane Douglas

-DDP gets an early advantage over the Fanchise and drops him to the ring with a scoop slam.
-DDP slaps a headlock on Douglas in the middle of the ring.
-Douglas fights out of the headlock and slams DDP with a side slam.
-The Franchise knees Page repeatedly before backing him into the corner and nailing him with chops.
-Douglas whips Page across the ring and clotheslines him onto the floor.
-After fighting on the floor, Douglas rolls DDP back into the ring and continues to dominate him.
-Douglas suplexes Page to the canvas then slaps an Abdominal Stretch on him. He uses the ropes for his advantage, but Referee Slick Johnson catches him and kicks his hand off the ropes.
-Page counters out of the Abdominal Stretch and hits Douglas with the Diamond Cutter.
-DDP covers Douglas for the 1...2...3
Diamond Dallas Page wins via pinfall (5:32)

Tony and The King comment on how Page currently has the time to beat with 5:32. DDP and Kimberly poses for the crowd.

Eric Bischoff is walking to his office when he is stopped by JB Jeremy Borash. Borash asks Bischoff is he knows who the men were who assaulted WCW wrestlers last week. Bischoff brushes Borash off and insists that maybe he should look at someone like Kevin Nash since they seemed to have helped him out the most last week.

Bischoff goes into his office where he finds the Icon Sting sitting there. Eric asks him what he wants, and Sting refuses to answer him. The Icon does however reveal that someone wrote the word Deception on the wall in his office with gold spray paint. Sting leaves Bischoff alone in his office.


The second of the WCW Beat the Clock Matches is announced by David Penzer. This match features two newly acquired WCW talent.

Beat the Clock Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Ron Killings

-The two of them lock up in the middle of the ring.
-RVD gets an early advantage with a series of kicks that send Ron into the corner. Killings rolls out of the ring.
-RVD springboards off the rope and lands with corkscrew on Killings outside the ring. Fans get behind RVD for that move.
-They end up back in the ring and RVD covers Ron for a near fall. Killings gets back up and starts mounting a comeback.
-Ron Killings hits a sitout hip toss on RVD then climbs to the top rope.
-Killings dives off with a Hurricanrana on RVD then covers him for a two count.
-Fans are divided as they cheer for both Killings and RVD in the match. RVD counters a move and sends Killings to the mat with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. He follows up with an Enzuigiri and finishes with a Rolling Thunder.
-Van Dam climbs to the top rope and dives off with a Five Star Frog Splash. He covers Killings for a 1...2...3
Rob Van Dam wins via pinfall (4:58)

Rob Van Dam’s puts him as the man to beat as DDP is now eliminated from the competition.

Booker T is on his way out to the ring when he is attacked by Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, and Jeff Jarrett. The three of them whip Booker into the door then beat him down with a led pipe. Jarrett cracks a guitar across the skull of Booker. The three of them leave Booker on the ground.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan arrives outside the Fleet Center. Hollywood comes into the building and prepares to address the crowd.

Commercial Break

The road to Superbrawl is on with the greatest in the world squaring off. Some seek vengeance while others seek redemption. New Champions will be crowned and WCW will never be the same again. Join us for all the action, Sunday, February 3rd, 2002 live from Toronto, Canada and only on Pay-Per-View.

Mean Gene Oakerlund stands in the middle of the ring in Boston.

(Gene) – Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me in welcoming the most recognizable wrestler in the world today. 12 Time Heavyweight Champion of the world.... Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

“Voodoo Child” plays and Hollywood Hogan emerges through the red/yellow smoke wearing a brand new Red and Yellow Hollywood Hogan Shirt complete with a Red Hulkamania bandana, black jeans and red/yellow boots. Hogan comes down to the ring as the fans in Boston get to their feet.

(Gene) – What an entrance Hulk!

(Hulk) – What’s up all my Hollywood Hulkamaniacs! Hogan’s returned to WCW brother and this time business is going to really pick up.

Fans in Boston start cheering “Welcome back” as Hogan pauses. Hollywood waits for crowd to die down before Mean Gene continues the interview.

(Gene) – You’ve been out of action for a while now Hulk, actually ever since July 2000 when you left WCW. Many people believed last week that you were behind the attackers, but you came out and showed them wrong.

(Hulk) – The new WCW is all about reinventing ourselves and finding redemption for our actions Mean Gene, and that’s why Hollywood is back. You see when I walked away from WCW, both the company and I were in pretty rough shape. However, now we’re both healthier and looking being back on top. When I left WCW I did leave as the World Heavyweight Champion, but now with Scott Steiner as the champion I’m cool with that brother. I do have a warning that Big Poppa Pump better watch out. Hollywood Hogan is coming for my world title again brother, but for now this company’s in good hands.

Hogan is stopped when Big Poppa Pump comes out to the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion receives a great reaction from the crowd as he climbs through the ropes and shakes Hogan’s hand.

(Gene) – What brings the World Champion out here?

(Scott) – The Big Bad Booty Daddy decided it’s about damn time I come out here and talk to Hollywood and the world. As far as you getting a match against me Hulk, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I’m down with that because beating you will prove to the world that I am unquestionably the best World Heavyweight Champion in this industry, so you’ve got it.

Fans cheer for Steiner’s acceptance and start chanting “Hogan Steiner”

(Scott) – But you and I both know that as of last week there’s some unfinished business going down right now. We have a group of thugs who think it’s cool to come down to the ring and kick asses. Well both Hogan and I have been there, done that, and got the T-shirts to prove it so instead of hiding out I’m calling people out to get their asses kicked.

(Hulk) – Hold on brother, that’s also why I’m out here Scotty. The way I see it, these guys have Big Sexy’s back jack and since Nash wanted a war before, I think it’s time he gets a war. So Big Sexy, since you think you’re hot stuff why don’t you get your ass out to the ring and fight me brother!

(Gene) – What a challenge Hulk?

“Wolfpac” plays and Big Sexy comes out with a baseball bat. Joining him are Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett. Nash has a microphone in hand as he stops at the entrance.

(Nash) – Well, well, well; if it isn’t the dream team of Hogan and Steiner. Two egotistical asses whose pythons are bigger than their brains; do you really think I would step into the ring with you Hulk? I have bigger plans for myself and it involves the World Heavyweight Championship. You see I’m going to win my Beat the Clock match tonight and go to Superbrawl to face Scott Steiner.

(Hulk) – I don’t think so Nash. I met with Eric Bischoff before coming out here tonight. You’re not included in tonight’s Beat the Clock which means you’re easy pickings Brother!

(Nash) – I will never, ever wrestle you Hulk. That will never happen.

(Hulk) – I know for a fact that it will brother, and the way I see it dude you either wrestle me tonight, or Eric Bischoff signs us to Superbrawl Nash.

(Nash) – Hogan, as far as I’m concerned you can go to hell because that will never happen. Have a great day!

Nash’s music plays and he heads to the back with Jarrett, and Luger as Hogan and Steiner look very angry inside the ring.


The Third Beat the Clock Match is announced

Beat the Clock
Total Package Lex Luger vs. Booker T

-Booker T no shows following his attack from backstage. Luger orders Nick Patrick to start the 10 Count. Booker is unable to answer the call by 10 and Luger is declared the winner.
-Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Luger that he’s not going to advance this way, and announces his new opponent and WCW’s newest acquisition...RHINO.
-The War Machine charges to the ring and immediately hits Luger with the Gore. The Total Package rolls out of the ring to try and get his composer.
-Rhino goes out after Luger and chases him around the ring. Luger rolls under the ropes and drops a forearm across Rhino’s back.
-Luger continues to assault Rhino with kicks to his midsection and forearm blows. The War Machine is backed into the ropes.
-With an Irish Whip, Rhino is sent across the ring. The Total Package clotheslines him to the canvas and signals for the Torture Rack.
-Miss Elizabeth comes down to the ring and serves as a distraction to Luger, allowing Rhino to get back to his feet.
-Rhino nails Luger with a boot to his face that nearly takes Luger’s head off. The War Machine then follows through with the Gore.
Rhino wins via pinfall (3:41)

The War Machine jumps to the new number 1 spot following his impressive WCW Debut. Luger rolls out of the ring as Miss Elizabeth kicks him in the groin and leaves.

(Tony)– What a very impressive win by Rhino.

(King) – I know Luger was caught off guard, but I think that Rhino has made a statement by taking out Luger in his first WCW match.

Footage shows Rey Mysterio, Christopher Daniels, and Chavo Guerrero getting ready for the Cruiserweight Ladder Match. Tony and the King hype up each wrestler as they are shown. One of them will walk away tonight the new Cruiserweight Champion.

The four men wearing their ski masks come into the building. Security tries to stop them, but are taken out by tire irons and baseball bats. The four men continue to walk through the backstage area as Tony and the King question why they are here?


Hulk Hogan is shown in the office of Eric Bischoff. Hogan pleads with Eric to give him Kevin Nash at Superbrawl. Bischoff agrees to the match under one stipulation. If Hogan loses then he must retire from wrestling. Hogan reluctantly agrees to the match. Bischoff announces it will be a cage match.

David Penzer introduces the next match.

Beat the Clock Match
Buff Bagwell vs. Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan

-Curt Henning returns to WCW with Bobby Heenan as his agent for this classic contest.
-Buff is sent to the corner after locking up with Henning. Curt grabs Bagwell and whips him across the ring by his head. Bagwell gets up and they lock horns again.
-Henning nails Bagwell with a couple of knees to the midsection then whips him into the ring post.
-Bagwell falls to the canvas and rolls out onto the floor. Heenan gets a cheap shot on the outside before Henning goes out after Bagwell.
-Buff is propelled face first into the ring post. He ends up being cut open as the match continues on.
-Henning suplexes Buff to the canvas and covers him for a near fall.
-A Bloody Buff Bagwell makes a brief comeback, but is knocked down by a snapmare. Henning covers him for a near fall again as the clock slowly runs out.
-Bagwell hits a jaw breaker on Henning and clotheslines him to the canvas. Buff Daddy follows through with a DDT and the match starts to shift to his favour.
-Bagwell is about to hit a Buff Blockbuster when Bobby Heenan pushes him off the rope. Henning rolls him up for a 1...2...3
Curt Henning wins via pinfall (3:42)

Curt Henning loses by 1 second and is visibly upset. He starts throwing the ring steps around then heads to the locker room. Rhino is announced as the man facing Scott Steiner for the World Heavyweight Championship at Superbrawl.


Back inside the Fleet Center, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler stands at the entranceway.

(King) – WCW Superbrawl is already turning out to be one of the biggest pay-per-views in WCW’s history. On Feburary 3, 2002 we invade Toronto, Ontario for the first time in years and it is my privilege to announce one of the matches taking place that night. Last week it was announced that Bill Goldberg will be returning to WCW at Superbrawl. Tonight, I announce that for the first time ever, Bill Goldberg will be facing...

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays and fans in the Fleet Center erupt.

(King) – The Macho Man...Randy Savage!

The Macho Man emerges from the entrance way with a huge reaction from the crowd. A pyro display goes off and Savage poses for the fans as Tony sends the cameras backstage to the commotion going on.

Big Poppa Pump is shown getting assaulted backstage by the four mystery men. Steiner is busted open as they annihilate the champion. Hogan is also shown being taken out as well by the four men. They choke both Hogan and Steiner out before grabbing them and throwing them both through tables. As they leave the two of them in the scene of the crime the cameraman looks up to notice Sting standing in the rafters looking down at them.


Back from break, Tony and the King comment on the assaults backstage on both Hogan and Steiner. What is Sting’s involvement?

Michael Buffer makes the Main Event announcement.

Ladder Match
WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Christopher Daniels

-Rey Mysterio returns complete with mask and is immediately a fan favourite going into the match.
-Chavo and Daniels jump Mysterio as soon as the bell rings. They take him out to the outside and then set their sights on each other.
-Chavo slams Daniels with a suplex before diving off the top rope with a slam.
-Mysterio attempts to get back in the ring, but is nailed with a kick that sends him back to the ground.
-Chavo goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a ladder. On his way back in the ring, he takes Mysterio out with it.
-Chavo continues to use the ladder as a weapon as he nails Daniels with it. Daniels goes over the top rope and Chavo is the only one left in the ring.
-Chavo sets the ladder up and starts climbing it. Mysterio dives off the top rope onto the ladder and they exchange right hand blows. Mysterio sets him up with a Hurricanrana off the top of the ladder. They both land hard on the ground.
-Daniels gets up and uses the ladder as a springboard to land on both of them outside the ring as fans chant “This is awesome”.
-The Fallen Angel gets back in the ring and starts climbing the ladder to the top. As he is about to grab the title, Chavo pushes the ladder over and Daniels falls to the canvas.
-Mysterio gets in the ring and takes Chavo out with the West Coast Pop. He follows up with the 6-1-9 and the crowd goes wild. Mysterio dives off the top rope with a moonsault that lands on Daniels.
-Rey remains in control of the match, isolating both men for a while.
-With both Daniels and Chavo outside the ring. Rey grabs the ladder and starts climbing up to the title.
-Daniels whips Chavo into the steel guard rail then climbs into the ring. He climbs up the ladder under Rey and ends up hitting him with a sitdown powerbomb.
-Daniels dives off the ladder with the Best Moonsault Ever then throws him out of the ring onto Chavo.
-Daniels climbs to the top of the ladder, grabs the championship and ends the match.
Christopher Daniels wins the WCW Cruiserweight Championship (9:40)

Daniels celebrates his victory when the lights go out in the arena. After much commotion the lights finally come back on. The four men with ski masks are standing in the ring surrounded by the cruiserweights. Eric Bischoff comes out and yells “Who the Hell are you?” The four of them walk out of the ring and start heading towards Bischoff. They pass right by him and go up the ramp as Nitro goes off the air.

World Championship Wrestling
Superbrawl 2002
Live from Toronto, Ontario Canada

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. War Machine Rhino

Steel Cage
Hogan’s Career Threatening Match

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Big Sexy Kevin Nash

For the First Time EVER!
Goldberg vs. The Mach Man Randy Savage

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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