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Re: How can WWE recreate and reinvent itself so as to create the next biggest boom?

Originally Posted by Elijah89 View Post

Stuff like the Summer of X-Pac MEV in 2011 needs to happen very sparingly. Worked shoots tend to get old very fast. Once everyone starts shooting, the whole thing loses it's meaning. There will be no more shock factor in those types of feuds/promos.

I know this sounds weird, but wrestling is at it's worst or least sustainable when it is trying to be too realistic. Even if the WWE executed the Summer of X-Pac MEV correctly it would have never been sustainable past Survivor Series 2011. He has been champion for a while now,he has nothing left to bitch and moan about.

The only worked shoot in wrestling that has ever worked in the long run was the Montreal Screwjob. Greates work of all time in my opinion.

Wrestling needs to return to it's kayfabe roots. Something similar to the 80s and early 90s. It will make the wrestlers larger than life again and more mysterious. It is the reason why Taker and Cena are so over. They kayfabe most of the time. Never out of character. It actually keeps them interesting. Even in a cynical society. I love how the video they showed on this week's Raw showed Cena inviting AJ onto the elevator, and even after the show was over Cena was in a hotel and restaurant in his wrestling gear.

Kayfabe. Kayfabe. Kayfabe. Guys like Gorilla Monsoon, Jim Cornette, and Stu Hart knew what the hell they were talking about. It is time to put Pandora back in the box.
That worked in the 80's/90's not anymore. Right now THAT is the reason WWE sucks. These days everyone knows its fake, they don't find the larger than life thing entertaining. Example look at Cena, they made him repeat the same process for 5 years, everyone got bored as shit and the only time anyone really enjoyed him was his feud with Punk and Rock where they both brought the reality out of him. The kayfabe kayfabe kayfabe idea doesn't work anymore, people nowadays are into many different things, fake characters in WWE don't excite them.

They NEED to break Kayfabe. This Era, everyone enjoys a real life storyline, everyone is bored as shit of the fake storylines that have been done over and over and are just not fun anymore.

Right now they know breaking kayfabe works, which is why they NEED to use it. I'm not saying repeat the Punk shoot promos, there is a whole variety of things they can do. For example a Triple-H vs Vince McMahon power struggle that brings some real life stuff into it, a storyline where an alliance tries to destroy WWE because it is not as good as it used to be, etc. These kind of storylines will bring in viewers who don't even watch WWE, they will like seeing such storylines cause they have big impacts. I'm not saying tell everyone 'this is fake' im just saying they should bring in real life stuff. Also they should bring in real life backgrounds, like Punk's whole wrestling background, like in his DVD, that alone made me like him a whole lot more, if they showed that kind of stuff on the show people would start enjoying watching it more.

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