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Re: How can WWE recreate and reinvent itself so as to create the next biggest boom?

How many people here are safe to say that they admit to watching wrestling programming week in and week out to someone they just met? I mean, if I met someone, yes I'll say I watch the NBA yes I'll say I watch football, 15 odd years ago, yes I would say I watched wrestling. Now, I feel watching wrestling is like discreetly watching porn. *sigh*
To recreate the 'boom' the WWE/TNA any wrestling promotion needs to try every last thing, to make people start casually saying "Hey, did you see RAW last week? That thing with so and so was..."
To those who think another 'boom' is not going to happen, you are dreaming. Professional wrestling WILL never ever die! It's just one of those things everybody knows (who hasn't had their mother come into a room and say that's not real blood that's sauce, but then to sit down and ask, so who is the person beating him up)and ATM doesn't love, but oneday again will.

I believe wrestling need to go back to their roots, right to the start where there was crazy gimmicks that were so stupid you believed it and embraced it, if everyone knows it's fake, just embrace being fake, professional wrestling is larger than life, let the wrestlers be larger than life, don't bring them down to earth, if people see wrestlers and story-lines so crazy that they can barely believe it, I promise they will watch. We enjoy being immersed in something that is completely not real for a short amount of time, so we can believe we are part of something that we couldn't be a part of in reality. Of coarse everyone knows a chair shot will hardly hurt you, of coarse people know it's fake but if a wrestler gets whacked over the head with a chair and commentators scream like the person just died it scares people and makes them interested. For the moment you watch a movie or a play, you believe in it completely. Wrestling needs to become the crazy circus it once was and have once again unbelievably strong kayfabe that is gripping and whilst people watch they are part of the product like a film and when it's finished they want to watch the next week and the next. No-one really cares about the actual wrestling to be very honest, because it's not real, they care about moments that are hard to believe and stories that stick to your mind. That's how wrestling has always worked and how it's always going to work and for the next 'boom' to work.

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