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Re: How can WWE recreate and reinvent itself so as to create the next biggest boom?

Originally Posted by Combat Analyst View Post
It can't. I don't think people don't understand that no matter how good the wrestling product is, the majority of America, has moved on from it. Everyone knows it's fake and find it as something for little kids, rednecks, and/or gay men. That's not going to change even if they end PG and pull out the best product since the Attitude Era. People have moved on from it, and went on to things like MMA.

And that's a straight up dumb idea to make wrestling known to the masses that it's a work, We all know it's fake, but suspension of disbelief, has always made it so great, and made us pretend it was real. No one's going to want to watch something that the owners constantly say to us it's fake.
i'm not saying flat out tell everyone this is 'fake'. What i'm saying is they should bring more real life stories into it and real life issues cause they get WAY more popularity and interest way more fans, isn't that what they want? For example Punk's shoot promo, he didn't tell anyone wrestling was fake but he brought real life stuff into it and made wrestling seem much cooler by that promo alone. The kids who enjoy it will still enjoy it, they still get to pick their good guys and bad guys, its just it will appeal to a bigger audience if they bring more realistic storylines into it.

For example who wouldn't like a storyline about a certain group trying to destroy WWE completely, its just WWE is trying to be this big promotional thing now that is too big for any fun realistic storylines.

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