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Re: How can WWE recreate and reinvent itself so as to create the next biggest boom?

1. There is no competition, so there is no drive to create a better product. WWE may be concerned about the ratings, but will soon realize that a 3.0 is probably the best they are going to be able to do for quite some time. TNA is a joke and seem perfectly content to run the product they currently have for a few more years to keep some of the old guard wrestlers employed.

2. Wrestling is not cool. Sad to say, especially on this forum, but the majority of people find wrestling to be a joke. Even during the 80s and 90s, wrestling was still relevant in American pop culture. I especially remember an episode of "Married with Children" that had several wrestlers guest star. In the Attitude Era you had crossovers all the time with American sports stars, movie stars, and television personalities. While some did it for the money quite a few did it because they realized wrestling was relevant and popular.

Look at the WWE today, they try to get all these celebrities involved, but WWE just isn't culturally relevant and its obvious they are there to either promote something or to get paid. How do you make the WWE cool again? Hell if I know as I have no idea what the current younger generations like or enjoy that could push WWE back into the main stream culture.

3. Wrestling looks like a children's cartoon compared to UFC and other cable shows. While the PG rating certainly factors in, there's a much deeper problem and that is wrestling is viewed as something children would watch, not adults and certainly not adult males. I'm not saying in any way that wrestling is not meant for adults, but rather the current perception of the product is certainly aimed at a much younger audience. There is no easy fix to this that doesn't alienate the casual families and children without alienating the adults and hardcore fans. However, it seems fairly obvious that the WWE has chosen to focus on young children and families and I can certainly understand why as they'll need those fans to survive the coming years as the hardcore fans continually lose interest.

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The crowd has just booed the entire WWE roster, camermen and announcers and are cheering for HHH. He finally did it. He buried the entire roster all at once. This is truly HHH's finest hour.
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