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Default Re: How bad is WWE currently?

It's absolutely horrible in almost every way possible. I only care for Hell-No and Punk/Heyman and i'm even starting to lose interest with them. I probably will start only reading the raw coverage reports every week until after survivor series at least. Not looking forward to watching those absolutely boring and predictable teams collide, or seeing the engaging Cena/Ziggler and Show/Sheamus matches . I can't stand this boring shit. WWE has had every opportunity to create something special with Punk/Heyman but they've stuck to the mundane and same old. They could have started tonight in introducing one member of the teams each week leading up to survivor series to build anticipation but they didn't. They could have started tonight in building a potential epic stable for Punk/Heyman but they took the easy and boring route instead. I could write better storylines then this in my sleep. Fuck Vince McMahon; fuck his homo-erotic body builder fetish; fuck his horribly short sighted ideas; fuck his obsession with elevating one person at a time then depushing them; and, most importantly, fuck his old-fashioned mentality on what's good for the product.

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