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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

really solid show.

So we know that Nash is a member of this group attacking wrestlers, but why didn't Hogan even attempt to unmask them?

Putting the belt on Steiner is a solid choice. He and Booker are the two best for the job, seeing that WCW was carried by them at the end. Steiner is apparently a face here, but as a heel, he is fantastic and his goofy promo style really helps get him heat.

I liked your show alot, but I think it would have been better suited to have the World Title tournament more spread out, and crown the champion at the PPV. The US and Tag titles are more suited to changing hands on TV, but the World Title... you have to give the fans something to pay for to buy a PPV (I know, I know its not real life...)

This Flair-Bischoff power struggle stuff will never end. as long as someone is doing WCW BtBers, Flair and Bischoff will battle to control WCW, and rightfully so. Flair is the epitome of WCW/NWA, and Bischoff is responsible for its greatest era of growth and prosperity.

Hopefully AJ Styles gets a push. not right away, but he can put on exciting matches even at his young age. He would be a good person to take the pin in the 3 way dance for the cruiserweight strap.

If Hogan is a face, are we going back to Hulk, or will he stay Hollywood? I think at his advanced age, Hogan can get by with the whatever it takes to win mentality of a Hollywood, but fans will melt over Hulkamania.

I'm praying for an ECW influx of talent. WWF doesn't need them anyway, and WCW could use some roster remolding. I think you have a solid base, but there are a few guys there (Sting, Hogan, Nash, Luger) that shouldn't be in the limelight constantly.


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