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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
Where WAS Dragon in 2003? Watching 2003 ROH I'm up to November and he's shown up like 3 times. Where did he work? I assumed he was doing NOAH, was he in the US?
I recall a few ROH matches I liked tbh, the London Ironman from Epic Encounter being the pinnacle of the year. Truth be told not many guys jumped out to me from America as WOTY (maybe Eddie for his tag work with Tajiri and then the lie, cheat, steal gimmick) and Danielson was a guy I remembered from a few matches (I want to say there's a Joe match from 2003 that I quite enjoyed) and figured was the best shout I could think of at the time. Pretty sure he was relegated to Japan for a lot of the year and maybe the odd Indy show, never been too enthralled with his early Japan work but he was stuck in a lot of tags with guys who were pretty shit and even the best match from that time (a Kanemoto match from 2004) barely reaches 10 minutes.

Good shout on Benoit for 98 and 99, he's probably the only guy from America I'd consider match wise. Honestly though trying to think of someone even from Japan/Lucha was a nightmare for those two years. BattlARTS was pretty great from the little I've seen, but aside from the odd Misawa and Kawada match, I can't think of too much New Japan/All Japan I've watched from that time frame.


If we're discussing bad finishes/matches that disappoint us, I want to find the agent who layed out Angle/Rey/Orton from WM22 and shoot him. Fuck it was probably Angle directing traffic in there. Clueless bastard. I mean we get Orton/Mysterio NWO being very good, Smackdown 4/7 being AMAZING and Angle/Taker NWO being a top 3 Angle match ever...and yet on the grandest stage we get one of the most dire choreographed matches in existence, with the added bonus of the underdog babyface looking like a little bitch to Angle. I want to say Rey even taps to an Ankle Lock when the ref is down? If I'm not mixing it up with another match they had..that just makes the entire debacle even more absurd.

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