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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Oh my God, just saw Regal/Ambrose II (Never saw the first one). My God, what a brutal match. Man, that's what you call some old school RASSLIN'

I loved how Regal was working Ambrose's arm. The spot where hehad his arm in the steps, just sick. Who needs chairs, tables, thumbtacks or bats when you got the damn ring itself as a weapon? Ambrose removing the turnbuckle when Regal was forced to break, just great ring awareness.

Man, and how about Ambrose slapping the shit out of Regal's ear. I loved how Regal showed that he was losing balance as a result. I've never seen that in a wrestling match before. And those last few seconds was just brutal. Ambrose kicks Regal's ear into the turnbuckle repeatedly till it actually bleeds open. Was that planned? My God it was sick.

It really goes to show that you don't need tables, ladders, chairs and all that sort of stuff to make a match violent. Just terrific. I'm not sure if that match was stopped because Regal was seriously hurt or if things were planned that way but props to regal for taking that like a man. Man, this match was BRUTAL.

Definitely a work. The entire feud was centred around Regal seeing something in Ambrose that both terrified and excited him. There's this amazing promo where Regal basically says he's been repressing his evil side but Ambrose has brought it back to the surface, so amazing at being genuinly psycho. He talks about how if he set a man on fire most of the roster would run away, but Ambrose would come and join him in warming his hands. Just incredibly dark material.

First match is great in its own right, but definitely a step or too behind the rematch. Whole match revolves around Ambrose selling the arm like a champ and proving himself as a legit tough SOB in refusing to quit, only to be put out of his misery by Regal. The whole setup behind the rematch revolved around Ambrose taunting Regal and Regal basically acknowlodging the rematch could very well be his last. Final few minutes of the rematch are essentially what the feud had been building to, Regal a bloody mess at the hands of Ambrose who has his career in his hands, just beautfiul storytelling. Here's my write up for both matches:

Regal vs Ambrose I:

William Regal vs Dean Ambrose , (FCW 11/06/11)

Fucking awesome awesome match here that deserved its incredible pimping on a few other forums, Regal arguably puts in one of the performances of the year, busts out a ton of innovative and creative shit and is incredibly vicious even for Regal standards, Ambrose is the perfect foil for him with his incredible mannerisms, taunting and selling of the beating. I could see some people thinking this was too one-sided but when you follow the incidents that led to the match and Regal talking about unleashing his inner villain again, Ambrose taking as emphatic a beating as he does only to come back asking for more really put him over as this tough son of a bitch you have to respect whilst still having tremendous hate and unease towards with how demented and sick he comes across.

Match really felt like a page out of Finlay/Callihan and reminded us why Regal needs to go on a Finlay 2006 esque run on WWE TV beating the piss out of the younger guys and putting them over as only he can, Superstars this week will be essential viewing for all due to who Regal faces and I won't spoil it. Anyways Regal was just an evil motherfucker in this, him continually schooling Ambrose on the mat constantly and using it as the base for a lot of his offence was tremendous, the spot where he trapped Ambrose in an armbar before pulling and twisting his fingers is the sort of spot no-one else thinks to do that makes me adore workers like Regal, just incredible attention to detail and going the extra mile to get the most out of each burst of offence. The spot where he chokes Ambrose by holding his nose whilst he has him locked in a half sleeper/choke spot and Ambrose continually calls for him to give it all he's got everytime was probably only better by Regal's usage of the turnbuckle to target Dean's arm. The Genius TRAPS THE ARM THROUGH THE TURNBUCKLE in a spot I've never seen before, then unloads with a barrage of kicks and forearms to a defenceless Ambrose who's desperate kicking and fighting sold what was about to happen amazingly.

Have to say as well Ambrose's selling was flat out awesome, like he seems to have his detractors for not being your typical indy worker but his selling and ability to work the sort of match he did with Regal left me thinking he's in a class of his own compared to most indy workers, bar maybe 2 or 3 current guys. Everything from checking and clenching his jaw after a barrage of uppercuts, to the way he left his arm limp during the Regal stretch to selling it as he rolled out of a cover left me thinking I've missed out on one of the smartest workers in recent years. His desperation one armed comeback was amazing in his resiliency yet he still managed to capture something in his character that made Regal the man you still wanted to route for, really dug how he alternated between right armed offence, elbows and headbutts to try and keep Regal down whilst protecting the injured arm. The bump he took as well to weaken the limb was fucking bonkers as well and looked frankly disgusting, also have to mention for some reason his mini burst of offence on Regal's left arm at the start was really fucking good in how it came off totally erratic and chaotic and fitted his loose cannon persona tremendously: I was reminded of how the Joker can fight and always manages to fight like a madman and in the process looks unqiue and unco-ordinated but in a good way.

Regal stole the show and put in one of the better performances of the year, Ambrose himself played a strong part in making himself as good a heel in peril as I've seen in ages and still managed to get over the story of the match where Regal took the disrespectful newcomer to town. A lot of guys would have taken the beating Dean did and wouldn't have been able to still make you hate them, I guess that's a testament to how good Dean is at adding these mannerisms that make him impossible to root for. Surefire contender for TV MOTY in any company (right now its my #1 unless I've forgotten one) at the moment and honestly I'd call it something I'd consider worthy of including on a MOTYC list, especially for WWE. Literally couldn't have made it better and the more I watch it the more I think Regal/Ambrose are the only two who could have had such a unique match-up and made it work as well as they did.
Regal vs Ambrose II:

William Regal v Dean Ambrose II- The Final Encounter , (FCW 7/15/12)

EVERYONE go watch this like asap. Such a wonderfully constructed match paying homage to the entire focus of the feud, and a brilliantly extended opening with Regal torturing Ambrose with some of the nastiest holds I've seen inside a WWE ring. It all builds and builds with you not believing that Ambrose will be put away despite the disgusting abuse of his left arm (the same arm that Regal dislocated 1 year ago), and the moment where he catches Regal off guard and becomes the aggressor is just amazing. Regal sells everything in such a legit way you actually question if he may actually be legit fucked, Ambrose popping his shoulder back into place before going on the offensive was just such an awesome little character quirk and the way he hovers over a defenceless Regal has this really eerie atmosphere where you feel like you're about to watch a man be endlessly abused without any ability to stop the agony. Ambrose working over a BLOODY EAR of Regal like a vicious pitbull was totally awesome, and the extended selljob of Regal appearing to be on his last legs only to pull off one little moment of genius to catch Ambrose off guard was such a superb 'veteran' spot. The whole ending could be divisive, but just consider this: the whole feud was about Regal acknowledging Ambrose possessed the Regal esque viciousness to end his career, and yet the sick bastard wanted to fight him because to walk away and hide from such a beating was just not in his nature. The entire build throughout the match culminating in the ending was what this feud had built up to: Ambrose having Regal in a scarily vulnerable position and having his career in his hands. Go into the match with that ideology and I can't see you hating the finish. It really couldn't have been executed much better. And the final bit of action (you'll know it when you see it) was just the absolute embodiment of the clash of characters and the definitive ending to this absolutely stupendous long term angle.

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