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Re: Games you've played in 2012

I'm just going to do games that i've played. Not games that i've played that were released this year. Also I have them categorized as well.

WWE 12 - Was playing this for a good bit in the beginning of the year, haven't played much since. Ok game but a lot of flaws, hope WWE 13 is better.

Mass Effect 2 - Decided to replay it as a warm up to Mass Effect 3 which was released this year. Also played it again 2 months ago. Superb game.
Mass Effect 3 - Played it when it was released, and then again 2 months ago. Good but the ending sucked.

1940 - 1960 Games
The Godfather 2 - Played it after Mass Effect games. Good game, set in 1960's when Godfather 2 was set.
LA Noire - Set in the 1940's, I played it after Godfather 2. I like the game, ending was a bit crap though.

Assassin Games
Assassins Creed - Played the first game there back in May, still have to get Assassins Creed 2, and hopefully 3 when it comes out. Great game.
Wanted: Weapons of Fate - Pretty bad game tbh. It's short, and doesn't really do much for me.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Great if you prefer sneaking to blasting up everything. But it's a great game nonetheless.
Metal Gear Solid 1 - I thought I lost this game, but I found it not too long after I finished MGS4, great game as well. Probably the best of the series.

Resident Evil 5- I thought i'd be getting RE6 when he came out, so I decided to play this again. It's ok, but nothing compared to earlier games. Although I don't know if you can classify it as horror anymore.

Saints Row the Third - Awesome game, so much so that I actually played through it 4 times in a row.
Resistance 2- Played that about 3 weeks ago. Good game, underrated as well.
Resistance 3- Played it straight after, and just recently finished it. Same as above really, good game.

Mafia 2 - I just started this game again on Friday. It's a really good game, but pretty short.

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