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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ahh yes, the HIAC match rankings.... The first ever project I did for this forum where I established my love for the match type and how it was the greatest match type of all time. Did a HUGEEEEE Choke2Death like writeup on the subject, as well as how Taker and Triple H are the only 2 to have really controlled the classics of this match type. Fantastic stuff, might flush that post out sometime, but here are my updated rankings (excluding the 2 98 RAW matches , as well as the 2011 post Raw dark match which I actually saw):

HIAC Rankings (as of OCT 2012)

1. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (BB 97) : ***** (GOAT Match)

2. Triple H vs Batista (VEN 05) : **** 3/4 (MOTY)
3. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (NM 02) : **** 3/4

4. Triple H vs The Undertaker (WM XXVIII) : **** 1/2
5. Undertaker vs Edge (SS 08) : **** 1/2
6. Triple H vs Mick Foley (NWO 00) : **** 1/2

7. The Undertaker vs Randy Orton (ARM 05) : **** 1/4

8. The Undertaker vs Batista (SS 07) : ****
9. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (BB 04) : ****
10. Armageddon HIAC 6-Man : ****
11. The Undertaker vs Mick Foley (KOTR 98) : ****

12. CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena (HIAC 11) : *** 3/4
13. Triple H vs Chris Jericho (JD 02) : *** 3/4

14. CM Punk vs The Undertaker (HIAC 09) : *** 1/2
15. Mark Henry vs Randy Orton (HIAC 11) : *** 1/2
16. Triple H vs Kevin Nash (BB 03) : *** 1/2

17. DX vs The Mcmahons/Big Show (UNF 06) : *** 1/4
18. DX vs Legacy (HIAC 09) : *** 1/4

19. CM Punk vs Ryback (HIAC 12) : ***
20. Randy Orton vs Sheamus (HIAC 10) : ***

21. John Cena vs Randy Orton (HIAC 09) : ** 3/4

22. Undertaker vs Kane (HIAC 10) : *

23. The Undertaker vs Big Bossman (WM XV) : DUD. FUCK THIS MATCH.

Three Underrated :

1. HBK-Taker BB 97 (Yes I know it gets a ton of love, but I read a top 10 matches in October PPV history list yesterday and this was only number 4. Should be a universal top 5 match for everyone, dead serious when I say that)
2. Punk-Taker HIAC 09 (Short but sweet, great leg work here and a great overall story)
3. Orton-Henry / HHH-Nash (Couldn't choose, LOVE and ADORE both of these matches)

Three Overrated :

1. Triple H vs The Undertaker WM XXVIII (Yeah I know, it's one of the best matches of the year for sure and an overall great match, I just believe it's slightly overrated. A ton of overkill and over the top performances by HBK brings it down slightly for me. Still, I LOVE THIS MATCH and I think it's Taker's 5th best Mania match)
2. Randy Orton vs Sheamus HIAC 10 (has legit one of the dumbest moments I've ever seen in a match. I don't even need to explain it, just watch the match yourself, how the commentators justify this dumb action is hilarious)
3. Randy Orton vs John Cena (Just not a good match. PERIOD.)

King of the Cell : The Undertaker

Runner Up : THE GAME

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