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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Sandrone View Post
Matches I have above it (and my top 10 so far for the year):

1) Punk/Bryan OTL
2) Punk/Jericho WM28
3) Bryan/Sheamus ER
4) Punk/Jericho ER
5) Punk/Cena NOC
6) Punk/Henry Raw 4/2/12
7) Taker/HHH WM28
Ehh, neither of the Punk/Jericho matches did it for me, though I see why they're popular. Wrestlemania was a match divided by two halfs, opening I thought was sub-par and all the drama around Jericho trying to get Punk DQ'd etc just seemed hammy and forced. I mean this is the Wrestlemania WWE Title match, perhaps the biggest in Punk's career and he's going to potentially lose his cool in the first 5 minutes? Nah I don't buy it now and didn't buy it then. The fact they then transitioned into a standard wrestling match just made the opening seem even more random, like someone in creative decided to add the stip and they just decided to fuck it off in the opening and then do the standard match they wanted to. Still I thought it meant the match was clearly interrupted in terms of flow and really it needed the second half to really save it: whilst I wouldn't call the second half great largely because of Jericho and his 'style' these days, I will say they worked the submission counters in far better fashion than others have done, to the point where they felt integral to the match and not being done for the sake of a counter.

Street fight was just not my thing. Jericho really shouldn't ever be in a violent brawl, he sucked in the Unforgiven Unsanctioned match and he pretty much sucked here. Think I rememeber him doing a chinlock or something at one point? Uhhhh. He's just too clean to work that sort of style convincingly and I can't buy him as a credible threat, same reason Michaels should never ever work hate filled brawls: neither guy has good enough punches/offence in general to communicate hatred. Only time I've enjoyed Jericho in that environment was the GAB match vs Michaels where he works the eye the entire match. Thought Punk was very good and some of the more sloppier spots added to the chaotic nature of the match, and Punk in particular took some big bumps to put over the hate. Still this is a WWE streetfight, meaning 99% of the same weapons and spots appeared and it really made it hard for me to be properly invested: if it was more of a legit fight rather than singapore canes and other props it could have worked better. I thought both guys coming in street clothes was a great touch though, wrestlers wearing their normal attire in brawling matches always looks terrible IMO.

Taker/HHH...pass. Michaels' hammy acting, HHH and his monologues, a decent and compelling story being hammered and hammered and hammered into the viewer's heads until it became irritable, and the fact that HHH and Taker will never have the sort of chemistry to make this sort of match work. Failed at trying to be like the Wrestlemania 26 match in terms of storytelling and WWE Main Event wrestling.

The rest I agree on as being better, with Lesnar/Cena being the Company and worldwide MOTY.
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