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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Sheamus vs Big Show , (Hell In a Cell 10/28/12)

Yeah can't think of 5 matches in the company better than it this year. Lesnar/Cena, Cena/Punk, Bryan/Sheamus and Bryan/Punk OTL feel like locks, but I'd say its better than any Punk/Jericho match, better than Cena/Bryan, better than Punk/Ziggler, better than Lesnar/HHH, shit what else is there from WWE in 2012? Punk/Henry 4/2/12 feels like something I'd call better, but not by much and truth be told the finishing stretch as a completion of the story might be enough for me to rank Sheamus/Show better.

Loved the basic story of the match, Sheamus hasn't taken Show seriously and has to fight from the bottom the entire match. From the opening bell to the finish he's pummelled and beaten in nearly every exchange and even when he seemignly finds a small opening the sheer size and strength of Show is too much: especially loved the Cloverleaf counter and the kickout knocking Sheamus to the floor with Sheamus' pained expression really selling how lost for words he was at how the match had gone and how dominant Show had been. Thought the match also had some really subtle and simple but nonetheless smart spots to signify the plight Sheamus was in, a perfect example would be him having to alter his setup for the forearms to the chest spot, only for Show to still find a counter and regain control of the match.

Pacing was very good and they built the eventual moment Sheamus took control marvellously and it felt like a triumphant moment as a result. Thought they also made Sheamus look resilient enough in terms of consistently fighting Show but losing every battle, rather than having him bump for everything and give nothing in return. Closing stretch might honestly be the best of the year for me. Every kickout mattered and actually progressed the match with the two moves the match was built around proving ineffective for the first time, with Sheamus in particular really selling the shock at Show kicking out of the Brogue Kick. Actual finish felt like something out of a Western, two guys locked in a brutal fight going for one last throw of the dice, only for Show to just have the all important reach necessary to knock out Sheamus.

Hopefully this wakes people up who think Sheamus has to be carried to a good/great match. Guy is consistently solid and really has a style that he can work against guys of all sizes and styles, from Bryan and Ziggler to Tensai and Barrett. Bumps well, has strong offence, paces and times the big moments in his matches very well, sells superbly visually and physically: in many ways the perceived lack of stamina actually adds to his selling, since seeing his body drenched in sweat and in the Show match struggling to get to his feet really did sell the wear and tear of the match on an entirely different level. This is how you work a Heavyweight Main Event folks, top effort from both men.

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