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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Watched Show/Sheamus and Punk/Ryback again on the replay last night (didn't feel like writing up a review for them until now). Bumped up both of them.

Show/Sheamus- ***3/4
MOTN by a considerable distance and an excellent big man match. Didn't enjoy it as much first around, but the second time I appreciated the storytelling of the match a bit more. It was still coma-inducing for much of the first half, but the ending was even more awesome, starting with White Noise on Show from Sheamus (which was fucking impressive) to Sheamus kicking out of WMD, to Show kicking out of the brogue kick, and finally Sheamus going for the brogue kick but Show hitting the WMD out of nowhere to win the match. It had a great big fight feel to it and a very enjoyable match. I'd say it's Show's best match in a long time... at least since his match against Taker at CS 2008.

Punk/Ryback- ***
Bumped this up a lot, and honestly it's been getting slugged on despite fantastic character portrayals, storytelling and psychology. Punk was a super chickenshit heel in this who sold Ryback's dominance to perfection. And Ryback went out there and absolutely manhandled Punk, only adding to the fear and urgency Punk displayed throughout the match. Punk's first bit of offense was the perfect way to go about it. Punk just moving quickly to get shit done on Ryback when he could was perfect, and Ryback just absorbing those keno-stick shots followed by dishing out another beating on Punk was perfect. The ending was probably the best way to end the match as far as screwjob ending goes. It doesn't book them into a corner with a potential Ryback/Lesnar match, and it keeps Ryback looking unstoppable and that he still can't be beat, even if now he technically has a loss on his record. My favorite spot of the match, while I can't remember if it was the beginning of the match or after, was when Punk getting up near the door of the cell, and Ryback is standing dominantly over him from behind. That just looked awesome. Also Ryback running into the steps and denting them was sick as well.

The match was never going to be a classic, but I maintain it was the best they were going to do, and it was not a shit match. It was a good match with great storytelling and psychology. The action/moves in the match flowed well, and the aftermatch was awesome. The big thing about the match is it should've never been inside HIAC. Should've been a normal match or a No DQ match (to justify using the weapons without getting dq'd). What the match accomplished though was setting up the ground work for the potential WM feud between Punk and Ryback for the title, where Ryback does beat Punk, or if Punk doesn't have the title, Ryback could go after Big Show or Sheamus.

So yeah, it was a good match all around. Not a good cell match, but I'd now easily put it over Taker/Bossman, Taker/Kane, Nash/HHH, and DX/McMahons.

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