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Re: Man looking mugs

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Well it's hard to find such guys when the backbone to the WWE is filled with these guys.

I mean, I'm not one for the whole bigger is better argument but holy shit when you look like that you would at least think these guys would wrestle a match that incorporates their size to look believable. But nope. These guys are legit 100% badasses with their stiff kicks and twist 'em up, fuck 'em neckbreakers.

"But they can wrestle" no they can't. They can just do moves. That doesn't make them a good wrestler. They can't tell a story. That's what makes you a wrestler. If you're looking like Zack Sabre Jr and you're out wrestling guys who are much larger than you, then you're a shitty wrestler. Chain wrestling does not equate to good wrestling. Telling a story is what makes for good wrestling. Kicking out of a piledriver and then getting up like nothing ever happened to then hit your opponent with a abng 'em up' drop him 'em on his fucking head buster, then you're a shitty wrestler.

"Not everyone can be big" I know and understand but when the whole fucking roster's looking like that we have a problem.
Oh boy, you came to this thread just to vent some weird rage towards indy wrestling didn't ya? I don't follow much indies nowaday but if you don't like Kenny King doing more then 5 moves in a match i'm sure there's always a stash of Cena vs Orton for you on Youtube. It's not like Ultramantis Black jumps out every time you open a can of spam.


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