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Re: Ziggler doesn't cash in?

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
they fucked Ziggler in half last night. 1.) not cashing in after that match ending makes sense, I agree. 2.) he wasn't even on the PPV while Vicki was the fucking GM! 3.) he was made to be a bitch on the Pre-show.

he's going to be completely forgotten unless he has something significant tonight on RAW.
Oh God, the horror. Ziggler not on a PPV or the pre-show watched by no one. It's not like he's carrying around the MITB briefcase. Can we say buried?

Why is it only on the internet wrestling fans over analyze the fuck out of everything like this? No, it's not because internet fans are more hardcore. I know a lot of what we call 'casuals' (I call them wrestling fans) who know all the jargon such as "heel, face, blah, blah, blah" and they do discuss sotrylines and where things could possibly be heading. But never have I heard shit like "He wasn't on the PPV while Vicki was GM" and "He was made to be a bitch on the pre-show" Seriously, no one cares.

Ziggler's been fucked in more than half in the past. They fucked up him up ass in 2009 when they were building him up so well and the fans were behind him all to have Mr. Chosen One come out of nowhere and win the IC title. They fucked him over again when after taking too damn long he finally wins the IC title.....on Smackdown. Finally they fucked beyond all recognition when they actually acknowledge a 13 minute hand me down reign.

But despite all that, has it really hurt him? Nope, he's had a few WWE title shots, a good run as US and IC champ and not to mention he's Mr. MITB. Here's something people forget about wrestling, if it happened 3 months ago, no one remembers or remembers enough to care.

People forget how much of a bitch CM Punk was made prior to the shoot. A half assed stable and a stupid feud with Orton at Mania. That's how quickly he fell from this feud of the year with Jeff Hardy.

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