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Re: How can WWE recreate and reinvent itself so as to create the next biggest boom?

I had the idea to turn wrestling "Kayfabe" months ago... I think that could truly be the next wrestling boom.


The WWE is going to change the model for professional wrestling by making it known that everything is a work. They'll then put on kayfabe-oriented shows.

How they plan to do this is through the WWE network. They'll show clips from shows during the PG era that'll be intertwined with storylines in the future. For example, this clip with Austin, JBL, and Cole.


Pay attention to Austin giving the bird during the PG era and how emotional Cole gets when Austin signs the contract. He literally starts crying! This is going to be a clip showed in the future to spawn a storyline with Jack Swagger (Cole's guy) and whoever Austin's guy will be.

The WWE will be manager-based, with all of the managers being guys from the Attitude Era (SCSA, JBL, etc.). The job of the managers is to put over their guy (the younger talent), by being in their corner, and being their mouthpiece somewhat. Don't be surprised if Paul Heyman comes back to the WWE at some point to back CM Punk and all of the guys who've claimed to be "Paul Heyman guys" over the years. (funny I called this exactly)

Take a look at this clip,


Listen to how Vickie greets Stone Cold in a backstage manner, and also listen to the way Stone Cold talks to Dolph (who looks extremely young here). They're talking about rising to the top, and how Dolph is Vickie's "project" and her "guy."

Another example currently in the WWE is Abraham Washington. He's been going around building up clientele for a while now.. Expect him to be the mouthpiece for some up-and-coming talent. I still feel like his release could've been a work.

Here's another clip,

(fast-forward to 4:30)


Listen to what Stone Cold says to Miz, talking about Miz being able to "talk" and Alex Riley being a bigger superstar someday (foreshadowing a future feud?).
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