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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
See you later in the RAW discussion thread.

Am I one of the few people who says "fuck this company" and means it?

Seriously, TNA could be the hottest shit going right now and I wouldn't even have a clue. Hell, who's even the champion in that promotion? Never mind, don't care.
I'll tell you anyway, Jeff Hardy is current champion. I'll take a wild stab and say you still don't care. If so, wouldn't blame you.

As for the PPV, I'll go with the pros and cons categories as well.

Opener was good despite a messed up sequence and a little awkward finish.
Tag team title match was solid, nothing great, but still solid.
IC title match was good, Kofi looked good winning and gave a decent little promo at the end.
US title match was decent
Second tag team match was fun and better than the title match.
The WHC match was A LOT better than expected. It was actually exciting, particularly the final 10 or so minutes. The winner was a little surprising, and it's nice to see Sheamus drop the title, and I look forward to seeing what happens next for Show after the Sheamus rematch.
The main event was solid and was worked well. The finish was fine, it was interesting, and something different that I don't think anybody here predicted. This match needed a screwy finish of some sort. They went up top too which hasn't happened in how long? Punk retained the title as he should, and Ryback still looked good even though he lost.

US title match wasn't announced beforehand and could have gone a few minutes longer.
The second tag team match wasn't announced either though I could forgive this more as it wasn't a title match.
The divas match was bleh
The main event was pretty damn short.
The crowd was bad. They were alive during the WHC match and the main event but that doesn't make up for mostly silence the rest of the night.

I'd probably give the show a 7.

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