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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The HIAC main event between Ryback/Punk suffered from so much. The match felt so short, it just kinda ended. Ryback's flaws as a worker really showed tonight, the lack of originality in his offense. Sure he plays an unstoppable monster but I felt no drama at all in the match. It's like they tried to force HBK/Taker Bad Blood into a short time. Punk tried his best to try to get a decent match out of Ryback but there wasn't much there for me to get excited about or want to watch again. Punk's an incredible scared to death heel though, the fear in punk's eyes was awesome. The finish didn't bother me as much as it would some people because the finish was a product of horrendous booking leading up to the match. It's pretty much the only way they could book it keeping punk champ and ryback looking unstoppable, without using a lesnar appearance. **1/2

Now let's get to the MOTN which was Sheamus/Big Show, A great big man brawl is something that is always fun to watch especially when it's implemented well and you have 2 unstoppable forces and you just build the drama in the match. Started off kinda slow, but the finishing stretch had me on the edge of my seat. The brogue kick false finish was amazing. The finish was really creative as well, really made the KO punch look incredibly dangerous and could be hit at any point in the match. The only truly bad part of the match was that horrendous ddt spot, that was ugly. ***3/4 borderline ****

I still have my reservations of Big Show being a world champ in 2012

One final note, can we please get rid of this Gimmick PPV and only have a HIAC match if it's the climax or end all match in a long and hard fought feud. I can't take this you are in a HIAC match with a person you just started feuding with a few weeks ago.

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