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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

JAM's Review

I think that you going with Cody as Edge's challenger is quite interesting. I didn't think that Dashing was the gimmick that would propel Cody into the main event but you're making it work somehow. The back and forth between the two was a good read and I'm sure that once you go to full shows, they'll be great. I like that you've got Edge praising Cody after that attack but then maybe you could've made Edge a little serious since he's the champ after all. Pick your poison matches for tonight, should be good!

Having Beth Phoenix wrestle with the men was definitely new, so kudos to you for giving us something new. Not sure I would've enjoyed that though for some reason, but ohwell. Cody's run-in with Show was good for what it was, getting exposure for both men is all you can do. We don't usually see McIntyre anymore but I know you have plans for him, as well as Barreta, so that'll be cool to see since we don't usually see these two being booked.

Show squashing Jackson? I think Jackson should be used better but I guess it was fine. Masters? Not sure if he was on the roster at this time, but him getting a decent push in a thread would be cool to see. More Beth Phoenix here, hmm. Not sure if you're really trying to give us something new or emphasize that big things are coming for the divas division.

Cody beating Rey was pretty big so he got a good rub from that match. Kane was pretty impressive here if you ask me, he can be a major player if you book him that way. Wouldn't mind seeing that all. This Kelly Kelly/Trent segment had me raising my eyebrows, no idea what is up here. DAT WRESTLEMANIA VIDEO PACKAGE. Was pretty good man, likin' this whole “Success is Certain” slogan you have going on.

Interesting to see that this match got the most description for any of the matches so far. I guess it's because you're pretty high on both men. However, didn't think the three finishers were necessary as it would've been just as vicious with just one. And hmm, Kelly getting into the action? I don't ever think she would've gone heel in the WWE so it was something to get used to. AJ! Oh yeaaaaah! This is gonna be a good pairing for sure. Goodjob with this storyline man, definitely has my interest.

Hmm, the mask huh? I had a feeling this would be Cody. Kinda weird that you had wrote Cody as being unbalanced and seemingly out of breath. I guess it was a way to sway us as readers. However, I think this is a pretty good booking move. Gives Cody a lot of momentum just a short time away from the Royal Rumble.

Overall, show was pretty good despite it being recapped. But I can't wait to see you go full shows and read the dialogue between Edge and Cody Rhodes. Definitely gonna be a good match for the Rumble. I like the Trent/Drew storyline, it was different seeing them get some time on Smackdown and with a decent storyline too. You did a lot of good stuff here man, onto the next! DOSE GRAPHICS DOE ;D

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