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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Hell in a Cell 2012 ; First Take

Orton vs Del Rio : *** 1/4

Good solid opener we had on our hands here. On replay the ending RKO didn't actually look all that impressive so fuck that noise. Del Rio seems to be the king of matches that are good/okay but not classics at all. Where he goes from here is a sight to behold as they already gave him two world titles and a Royal Rumble win. He needs a PPV win, like NOW. Great psychology here for sure as Orton is also a booking disaster waiting to happen.

Team HELL NO vs Team Rhodes Scholars : ***

Another good contest, love the emphasis that Hunter is supposedly imposing on the tag division. The ending makes sense for a go home match at Survivor Series or perhaps a 4 way/3 way elimination match involving two other teams. Bryan steals the show once again, showing why he's a top 3 performer in the world right now for sure. Entertainment all the way from these two, great.

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz :***

NO expectations going into this, so naturally this is a pleasant surprise for me. Two things I loved about the match and one thing I hated should wrap up my thoughts on this match as a whole ; I loved the opening sequence as it was fast, made sense to the story, and AWSUM. I also loved the knee work and the sliding off of the pad by Miz (psychology in a Miz match LOLWUT?). What I hated was that ending sequence, fuck that shit. All of this great limb work and you basically ignore it by having Kofi win with a move like that... FUCK YOU.

Cesaro vs Gabriel : ** 1/2

Really just a showcase for Gabriel to fly around and for Cesaro to show off his impressive moveset. With some decent time, these two could easily pull off a ***+ performance but to condense a guy like Cesaro to such a miniscule amount of time is ridiculous. Cesaro probably has the best looking moveset in the company though, and looks like a future star for sure. I already consider him better than BORRETT and a ton of other heels, hope his stock rises within the company.

PTP vs Reycara : ** 1/4

I literally remember NOTHING about this match already. How sad. All I remember is it being not that entertaining, nobody caring, and Cara's botch. WHY IS REY TEAMING WITH SIN CARA ? Rey should have been the one taking on Cesaro, now THAT has some potential right there. These two teams will probably be involved in an elimination match somehow at the next PPV. Not a bad match at all, just....Nobody cared.

Show vs Fella : *** 3/4

FUCK YEAH. Heavyweight slugfest in this mo' fo' , Sheamus and Show just showed you what a heavyweight formula is supposed to look like. What is up with Big Show and these amazing October performances (let's just look at his track record since 2008 ; vs Undertaker, vs Batista/Rey, vs Henry, vs Sheamus, all *** 1/2+) ..... SERIOUSLY. These two just worked wonders at a great pace for a long fucking time. The near falls were some of the most convincing that I have ever seen, as there were 3 instances where I truly believed the match was over. I'm gonna stop gushing over this great match for now and watch it later, because I REALLY think it's going to **** and into my top 10-15 on the year.

Divas Three Way : N/A (Don't Care)

I actually didn't watch this. Went and made myself a protein shake instead with a pro-bar on the side. That's probably more interesting than this was.

Punk vs Ryback : ***

Liked this more than probably everybody. Thought it ran WAYYY too short than what it should have, and I also think that Ryback isn't ready to be put in this spot yet (mainly because he sucks in the ring). Punk just went out there and made magic happen once again, getting a pretty good match out of Ryback given the circumstances he was placed under. Punk probably hit his best looking elbow EVER tonight as well, as his offense looked better than it ever has. The ending was MEH and I think we could have used another 5 minutes for some better storytelling/false finishes, but I thought this was a good main event (and that Punk has done it AGAIN, this is his Cena/Khali moment IMO).


This was a good show for sure. All of the major matches were ***+ , and we got the AWESOME Show-Sheamus match. That's all I'm going to say for now as I'm going to watch it again sometime later. On a first glance, I enjoyed this more than NOC (which had that terrible 4 way opener bah gawd), but I'll know more at a second glance for sure. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm excited as to where booking goes from here.


Random note : My best friend is a big time wrestling fan (he even gets on here from time to time, or he used to lol), and I told him about how in 3 weeks we're gonna go down to the theatre and watch Survivor Series with a few hundred people , and how Ryback hopefully won't be champion... His text back said this : "Ryback...His name is RYBACK... It's like they took Big Vito and gave him Rhyno's gimmick, the dude couldn't even get to *** with Punk and that's saying ALOT, if this guy is the future then count me out of wrestling". I thought it was hilarious.


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