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Re: If ROH Goes Under What Promotion Will Be The New Number 3?

Originally Posted by enlightenedone9 View Post
El Chapo I'm not a big fan of how you act towards AmazingChamp but I think you're onto something here. I'll explain in a little bit. I would like to say that I don't think TCW(though I have watched a couple episodes on Youtube and I wish other promotions had their production values), Resistance, or AAW are going to move on up to number 3. They either focus on one area or they just aren't good enough.

As far as promotions that I think will become the Number 3 promotion in America? I think it pretty much comes down to the two people are most talking about in CHIKARA and DGUSA/Evolve. CHIKARA has a unique product that also has more people interested in it than ever and it seems to keep growing. There is a lot to be said for a promotion that can keep things family friendly but at the same time offer an exciting and fun product. Too many people these days consider violent to mean exciting. DGUSA/Evolve has a style more like Ring of Honor and given this "What If" scenario they would benefit heavily from it. Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and even Kevin Steen could find themselves there.Neither company really needs to up their game tremendously since, like people have said, being number 3 isn't what it use to be but it still means you are the third best/biggest in America.

Now I wouldn't have called Ring of Honor a super promotion to start it did collect the best independent talent out there and put them in one place. This sort of idea could strike again. Maybe if ROH went under the next number 3 is a promotion we haven't heard of yet. A promotion designed to be on TV or the internet. Not just taking all the ROH guys but also grabbing some of the other great wrestlers on the independents. It wouldn't be a "super-promotion" but it also wouldn't just seem like a collection of good wrestlers. The issue is that it would need to seem fresh. Too many promotions try to do something different and they go too far with it or they aren't original enough. If ROH did go under it would be interesting to see what would happen.
I'm not a big fan of his posting style, thats based on him repeating other people's replies, folding his argument & agreeing with everybody else and not being able to form an opinion of his own.

Look at the OP and where he listed who could be number 3. Scroll further and notice that when other people add to the discussion, he suddenly changes his tune and agrees with them.

It just seems pointless to start a discussion, based on opinions, when your opinion is based on the opinions of others. And like I said before, did anybody see TNA & ROH taking up the slack when WCW & ECW folded? It's quite pointless to list any of the current indies, when if they are even possible of taking up the slack, wouldn't they be slightly bigger than they already are?

Being an indy company with various top indy talent doesn't mean anything. MECW tried to do it right after WCW went out of business, done after 1 show. MLW tried to replace ECW, went out of business. And those were companies highly regarded as being the next companies to replace WCW & ECW, back when ROH & TNA weren't even in the discussion. And TNA & ROH surpassed them, out of the blue.

Amazing Champ's post would be better if he put some thought into it and quit basing it on what everybody else says & likes. It gets irritating to see a guy keep changing his opinion the further the thread goes.

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