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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

I've got 05 with the real world mod but NONE of the pics of the guys and girls WORK they all are invalid downloads...


I've decide to challenge my self with TEW 05 and make a promotion with some rules. First off the name is TfoW (The future of wrestling) and its MAW idea but a bit different in that I'm using the real world mod.

Two: I'm looking for the future, not training anyone, so I don’t pick anyone with a D or lower in ANYTHING, with one exception being Rick flairs kid. How ever, I did have two guys I signed before I came up with this deal, and so I'm keeping them in till the time is up, should they get their rank past D (not counting Flair) then they will stay, if not they are gone. As for Flair, I picked him because I want to see if he will one day be bigger then his dad if giving the chance (he only has a E in one of them anyways)

Three: They have to be young, 16-25 was what I used for my first roaster but I MAY increases that because I'm not sure whats “young” for this game or wrestling.

Four: I shall have two events held Annually, one shall be to crown who I think will be the next big star, and work on a push for him to leave the company soon, the 2nd shall be the cut ppv, put shortly, its when I make the BIG cuts and add new guys to the show.

Five: I have to sign free agents, and with anyone I have an “agreement” with, if ever.

Six: I shall shortlist guys that leave my place and keep up with my “stars”

Anyone have any suggestions\ideas\Guys you think I should hire?

My current roaster
means they have something at D or bellow
& means they never Wrestle
^ Means they are booker\road agent
$ Means commtator\anouncer
# Means Ref
Alexa Thatcher $
Ashton Vuittion * Technical
Brandon Cutler & ^
Chase Del Monte
Chase Owens
Chris Gray * Rumble
Donnie Peppercricket
Dustin Cutler ^
Evan Gelistico
Heather Owens
Human Tornado $
J.J. Rougeau $
Lupe Viscara
Marty Con
Matt Bennett #
Misaki Ohata
Nick Logan
Pinkie Sanchez
Reid Flair * Flying (exception to the rule)
Su Yung
Zac Vincent

For the most part they all are getting paid around 100-250 with some a bit higher, which was before I decide a hard rule, and to be “fair” to them I kept it.

I shall have two titles planned

The future of Wrestling belt (Who at the time is my hottest prospect)
and the Future of tag Wrestling (Same as above except tag)
As my promotion grows I shall add more if need be, may even bring in weight classes.
I'm Starting as small, with 250,000,000 as a cutting Edge style (for now) and am in South West USA

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