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Re: Halo 4-A rage thread

Originally Posted by Karma101 View Post
OP you are fairly wrong on several accounts.

1. In Halo 3 MS were responsible for pricing the DLCs, I would think this is pretty obvious because they are priced in MS points. Bungie have wanted these DLCs to be free now since Reach came out, but MS refused. The reason some playlists were made DLC required was because the people who played the maps had to be given the chance to play them, unless it wasn't worth their money.

2. If super jumping and glitchy button combination bothered you so much then why didn't you figure out how to do it? My best bet is you couldn't which makes them better than you.

3. The elite model in Halo 3 had the same hitboxes with the spartans, I agree this was a problem because the elites head was not actually where it appeared to be on the screen if you get me, you could still headshot them from behind though. Plus it wasn't considered cheating because you could easily just play as an elite yourself. This wasn't removed because it would have commanded a pretty large scale Title update, MS aren't fond of those because they cost money.

4. When Reach deployed there was certainly more than slayer, there were several other objective gametypes and I'm not sure how you missed them I can just say you are wrong.

5. Shishka wasn't fired, he left and now he works at 343, enjoy him being your playlist overlord during Halo 4. You also spelled his name wrong.

6. Yes 343 will do absolutely everything MS say because guess what? They have to.
It's on now like Donkey Kong.

#1. "Playlists" were always controlled by Bungie, NOT Microsoft. In Halo 3 Bungie used the popularity of Swat and Sniper Playlists to get people to buy the DLC. Oh it's hilarious Bungie bitches "Microsoft sets the prices". In Halo 2 2 maps were $4 bucks, now in Halo 3-3 maps were $10 bucks. There are two major issues I have with "DLC" shit: #1. Using Points as the price-casinos realized that "chips" were much more appealing than actual cash back in the 60's. "It's only 10K points" SOUNDS better than "It's only $10". Same ploy in 2009. #2: This shit is NOT being sold on a self. There is no production costs-it's a downloadable ITEM on the internet. What does it cost to host an FTP site? Oh, since around 2002-$0. There is NO overhead costs here kids.

#2. "Cheating" is just what it as defined. Just because "You can" doesn't justify the right to do so.

#3. This is complete bullshit and was proven wrong in COUNTLESS youtube videos. If you archive back in Bungie's forums they admit an error, and furthermore attend to their error they couldn't ban players from using elites. They didn't force players to switch because of upgrades. This reverts to cheating. Just BECAUSE you know something-doesn't make it right. Plus-especially in Swat-ONE SHOT to the head. Turning around is a complete failboat of the idea or SWAT.

#4. Yeah. No Swat. No Sniper. Just typical garbage.

#5. It doesn't matter what his name is. Fuck him. He's not with 343. Prove it or it's bullshit. Oh-You spelled his screen name wrong too.

Renew my subscription...bwhahahaha!!

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