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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by PunkSE316 View Post
It's NEVER been that Obama has been FORCED to it's from the repercussions brought on by the past war lurking by Bush and co. How can you not see that?

The Repubs shot down every single one of Obamas ideas thus he has to compromise with them, it was a Bush idea with the Patriot act, Bush is a Republican...you connect the rest of the dots.

Obama will lead the US in to recovery and the Republicans have to stop being little bitches about everything, and think about the people for once, not their rich corporate friends. Bush on steroids, huh? Anyone would have been Bush on steroids around this time of the year, lol, he fucked up everything, it's all Bush's doing along with Dick. Please, just think outside the box for once.
What repercussions are you talking about? He can have every soldier out of there tomorrow if he wanted, but he is choosing, based on his own free will, to leave them there. Stop blaming Bush when Obama is choosing to leave them there and continue to wars. Obama is in complete control of this. The military answers to nobody but him.

So of all the things he could have compromised with them on, why did he choose the Patriot Act, which is something he campaigned AGAINST in 2008? Funny, he also "compromised" with the GOP by extending the Bush Tax Cuts, which he also campaigned against, that the left absolutely hated for its tax breaks to the rich. Obama knew damn well that the GOP wasn't going to vote for any of his plans, and that is why he pushed through the healthcare while he still had the majority in the House and the Senate. Him extending the Patriot Act wasn't an act of compromise; it was him doing what he wanted. Was the NDAA an act of compromise as well? Is sending lawyers to allow the indefinite detention clause to remain in the NDAA a "compromise"?

I've given you reasons as to why Obama is Bush on Steroids. He's continued the wars (and started new ones), continues to bomb the Middle East, and continued Bush's assault on civil liberties. Please, just think outside of your leftist box for once.

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