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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
How can you say GOON is blind when you seem to be under the impression that the US is still in Iraq? We withdrew out troops in December of 2011, in accordance with the withdrawal deadline agreed to by George W Bush. In fact, Barack Obama wanted to keep 10,000 US troops in Iraq BEYOND George Bush's deadline.

Now Obama has tripled our military presence in Afghanistan, gotten us involved in Libya, is considering arming/funding rebels in Syria, and has greatly ramped up drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Obama is a bigger warhawk than Dick Cheney, even. How ironic that he was given a nobel peace prize during the first year of his presidency.

Unfortunately regarding civil liberties Obama simply has no leg to stand on. He extended the PATRIOT act and signed the NDAA, allowing any American citizen to be indefinitely detained without due process. Also thanks to Obama we'll be seeing drones used in civilian space to spy on, well, anyone the government feels like spying on.

As far as the economy? Obama is spending more than the current deficit alone on his socialist healthcare vision. And, as he proudly bragged during the presidential debate, continues to increase military spending every year.

Of course, Romney would not be an improvement in any of these areas, nor have I ever or will I ever support Romney's presidential bid, but I have to take issue with anyone trying to portray Barack Obama as anything less than a complete failure of a president.
The Patriot act was extended due to Obama having to compromise with the right wing, they turned all his ideas so he had to get something through in exchange for the Act to get extended...

I know that the US isn't in Iraq but I also know that so many other circumstances still revolve around it in the Middle East with Bush and Cheney screwing everything up there, it's going to take time to rebuild but it's the Middle East that we are talking about, they are still living in the 17th century ffs. It's a messy place. The right wing sure didn't help matters when they bombed the fuck out of it when they could have just tracked down Osama and Hussein with the intelligence that they had in their possession.

Obama is not a bigger "warhawk" than Cheney. Cheney is the guy that STARTED the mess ffs. You think if those two were not there so many years back and fucked everything up with everything that we would be in the hole we are in right now? Fuck no.

Obama is only going to get better from here on in, no one could scoop up the mess that was laid by Bush and co. It's going to take time. I even knew this back like 4 or 5 years ago when Obama came in.
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