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Re: If ROH Goes Under What Promotion Will Be The New Number 3?

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
My mistake, I was thinking of HOH.

But seriously, you're talking about a pretty much fresh, new company with recycled talent being number 3 in the country?

And if mainstream America doesn't watch ROH, what makes you think they will suddenly watch NJPW? To mainstream America, WWE is wrestling. From what I understand, NJPW is doing quite well for a company not based in America, as their style fits better with an international audience.

As for the other 3 companies, seriously, let's not say a show that fewer than a dozen people on this forum have heard of and say they could be number 3. If us internet geeks haven't heard of it, what makes you think mainstream America will take a liking to it?

There is a reason why companies like Wrestling Society X and Urban Wrestling Federation all failed. Most fans care nothing about wrestling that isn't WWE. I, for one, have no interest in watching TCW, when I have no idea what that is.

Financial backing is key. Are these companies you listed making money? Where are they based out of and how often do they hold shows? Who are their champions?

And OP, you've just listed 5 companies that could be number 3. Which is weird because you earlier said Chikara and have since replaced them with AAW. Do you even know what you're talking about or do you just like making threads with no insight until others comment so you can repeat what they say?
No I know what i'm talking about. Also Urban Wrestling Federation is still in business. They told me they are discussing plans for next year. UWF is just on hiatus right now.
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