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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by BruiserKC View Post
It is obvious you have not actually read anything I typed.

Government health care is a massive overreach of the federal government. I don't trust the government with making decisions about my health. Trump is already on record saying he'll pay the penalty...errr....tax from Obamacare. He's rich enough he can pay for most medical procedures out of pocket anyway, most other rich people will do the same thing.

Not one bit of Iraqi oil has come into this country after the war, the argument of it being a war for oil doesn't hold.

We had the chance to finish Saddam off in 1991, but the United Nations wouldn't hear of it. And we did track him down and get him, same with his sons.

Progress is one thing, but Obama's small steps are in the opposite direction of progress. He is making things worse. His plans have done nothing but push our economy to the brink of financial collapse.

Soros is even worse than Murdoch is. Soros has been notorious for currency speculation, which back in 1992 nearly brought Britain's financial market crashing around it. He's also been guilty of insider trading in France as well. He openly uses his money to subvert political systems throughout the world. As for Murdoch, his voice is one conservative against many liberal voices in Australia, Britain, and the United States. And Murdoch doesn't use his wealth to subvert the political process.

I respect you, sir, for being respectful and not bashing the hell out of me because we disagree. But, it would help if you read what I typed and then disagree rather than just spout the typical liberal viewpoints without actually reading what the other side is saying. Just saying.
A lot of the involvement in Iraq had A LOT to do with oil: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...q-2269610.html

The link above gives you plenty of retracted statements that still ring true from all of those years back with Blair, Bush and co.

Trump has never approved Obamacare at all. It's just all about saving the money to himself when in a time of need, where everyone needs help, him and his rich buddies just keep it all to themselves. He doesn't give a fuck, don't fool yourself. Just sayin.

Muroch doesn't use his money for any political purposes? Fox News who has a macho right wing neo con view..doesn't carry any political views supplied by with Murdoch's money? And a whole chain of other outles that he has. Telling my country Australia that all left wing politicians are horrible, endorsing Romney with billions of dollars, hacking phones in the UK and bribing the Police...please, just stop.

It doesn't matter even if JFK came back from the dead and became president of the USA, even he couldn't fix the economy issue. It's a mess, and for anyone to blame it on Obama and his team, they have short term memory.

Norman Lamont had far more to do with the Black Wednesday incident than George Soros did. That is a fact.

Um, Rumsfeld while under the Reagan administration armed Saddam with weapons ffs. The Republicans knew what was up, thus them saying "We have to go to Iraq for the WMD's" They knew that themselves supplied that nutcase with weapons but they had all ready been used up by the time Bush Jnr came over to get the WMD's. It's messed up.

Obama is still cleaning the mess up that those rich college boys gave him.
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