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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

WWE Superstars Taping
The Usos defeated DZP via Pinfall
William Regal defeated Chavo Guerrero via Submission
Jack Swagger defeated Mark Henry via Pinfall

Friday Night Smackdown Results
Jan 14, 2011 | Birmingham, Alabama

We open up the show with an opening package of everything that went down on last week's episode, the final shot being the newly crowd number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Cody Rhodes, standing tall over the champion with the belt raised high above his head after nailing Edge with a Cross-Rhodes on to the concrete floor. We then go live to the arena where we are greeted by an impressive pyro display, followed by Michael Cole and Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show.

The first person we see on tonight's broadcast is none other than the Champ himself, The Rated R Superstar - EDGE. Edge seems to be in a relatively good mood considering what went down last week, as he grabs a microphone. The champion says that he has been on top of the mountain for over five years now, and throughout those five years, he's faced a lot of different people. Legends such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. Flagbearers for the WWE such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista. But never has he faced a young upstart such as Cody Rhodes in such a high-profile match as their match at The Royal Rumble will be. Edge continues by saying that what Cody did last week did take him by surprise and he did do a good number on him, but that won't stop Edge beating the hell out of him once he gets his hands on Rhodes.

On cue, out comes the challenger, who stays on the top of the ramp to avoid the champion. Cody says that the reason Edge has never faced anybody like him is because there isn't anybody like him and there never has been. There has never been anybody that comprises of immaculate technique, superior intellect and dashing good looks, quite like Cody. Rhodes then runs down Edge for being the exact opposite - "A rugged, simplistic, neanderthal of a man that makes all of these repulsive nobodies in Alabama look perfect". Edge laughs and says that even though he may not be good looking and he may not be as aesthetically pleasing as Cody, he has something that is more aesthetically pleasing, and that is the World Heavyweight Championship - Something he will never get his hands on. Eventually, after the back and forth has taken it's toll on both men, out comes Theodore Long! Teddy says that as much as he'd love to, he can't book these two men in a one on one match ahead of their title match at the Pay-Per-View. However, both men will be picking each other's poison for tonight. Long then walks off of the stage as the two men stare holes through one another...


Match One | Tag Team Match | Kofi Kingston and Beth Phoenix vs. Dolph Ziggler and Kaval
During the entrances, Michael and Josh on commentary inform us that Smackdown will be taking a different approach with their announcements of Rumble participants and rather than qualifying, Theodore Long will be entering participants that have impressed him and he feels are capable of winning The Royal Rumble match it's self. On to the match it's self and the biggest surprise is the announcement of The Glamazon entering the Rumble match for the second time in her career. Dolph and Kaval, despite being polar opposites, are both very cocky and arrogant ahead of this match, thinking of it more as a handicap match rather than a tag match due to Phoenix being a female - Bur surprise surprise, it's the complete opposite. The face in peril is actually Kofi, who is a victim of a vicious beat down from the heel duo, comprising of underhanded tactics, cutting the ring in half and ruthless aggression. However, Kingston eventually makes the obligatory hot tag and Beth Phoenix clears hours, showing that she can indeed hang with the male roster. But despite her best efforts, she falls short, as she is jumped from behind by Kaval... WHO KICKS HER CLEAN IN THE FACE! Dolph, the legal man, then drills her with Zig Zag, whilst Kaval tends to Kofi on the outside. The Intercontinental Champion then hooks the leg of Phoenix for the three count and the victory for his team.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaval via Pinfall @ 7:58

Following the post match celebration we go backstage, where Cody is scouting around looking for an opponent for Edge for later tonight. He jogs around the corridors, trying his damndest to find someone, before he turns around a corner and bumps in to The Big Show! Rhodes stops and does a dramatic Vince McMahon'esque gulp, as the giant towers over The Dashing One. Show says that he hasn't forgotten about the low blow he suffered at the hands of Cody last week and he's lucky that The Big Show has got a match next otherwise he'd be beaten to a pulp right here, right now. Big Show then barges past Rhodes and continues down the corridor, as Cody looks on.

We then go to Matt Striker, who is standing by with DREW McINTYRE, who is accompanied by his girlfriend, Kelly Kelly. Matt asks Drew about his recent "beef" with Trent Barreta and what exactly it is about. The Chosen One says that Trent epitomizes everything he despises in this business - The nonchalant, care-free attitude. Drew Mac says that Barreta shouldn't even be in the job, let alone share the same show as himself and take up air time that should be used to promote The Sinister Scotsman himself. Kelly then takes over and says that Vince McMahon himself hand-picked Drew to be a future World Champion and for good reason - The power, the strength, the ruthlessness and the attitude... All of which, Trent is going to experience first hand, later tonight.


We see a promo for the WWE's next PPV Extravaganza, The Royal Rumble, January 30th!

Match Two | Big Show vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Just a glorified squash match for the World's Largest Athlete, who is looking to rebound after his loss against Cody Rhodes last week. The two big men go at it from the get go, trading strikes and slams. Big Zeke impressively and convincingly body slams the giant with relative ease, to a good reception from the crowd. However, he was only delaying the inevitable, as he was throttled by the 500 pound gargantuan after riskily leaving the second rope for a double axe handle, and he was planted with an emphatic Chokeslam for the three count.
Winner: Big Show via Pinfall @ 4:30

We then go backstage where Edge is getting ready for his Pick Your Poison match with Cody Rhodes' chosen opponent in tonight's main event. We hear a knock at the door, and in comes Chris Masters! The Champion is surprised to see The Masterpiece, as he politely asks what Masters wants. Chris simply replies by saying that he's been given little in the way of opportunities as of late, and that isn't fair, especially due to the amount of work and effort he's been putting in to improve as of late. Masters then says that he knows Edge is looking for an opponent for Cody tonight and he'd just like to throw his name in to the mix. Edge ponders for a second, before telling Masters that he'll think about it. Chris thanks the World Heavyweight Champion, before respectably leaving his locker room.

On the contrary, we see Cody once again scouring the backstage area looking for an opponent for The Champion. Cody is panicking, knowing time is running out. Rhodes then bumps in to BETH PHOENIX, who is clutching her head as a result of her match earlier in the night. Cody says to Beth that if she wants to make a statement by entering the Royal Rumble, why doesn't she make an even bigger statement by defeating the World Heavyweight Champion. The Glamazon scowls at Cody, before Cody adds on by saying "... And if you get the job done, you'd be a shoe-in for a special reward, courtesy from The Dashing One himself" followed by an extremely cheesy wink. Phoenix sighs before shoving Rhodes in to the wall and storming off, really putting the #1 contender in his place, as he looks on worryingly.



Match Three | Pick Your Poison | Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
Much to the delight of the crowd, everybody's favourite luchador is the chose opponent for The Dashing One, who is still seeming rather anxious and nervous about not being able to find an opponent for Edge later tonight. The match was solid, with the bigger and stronger Cody grounding Rey Rey, grinding him down and wearing him out, neutralising all of Rey's speed, agility and endurance. It only lasts so long, however, as Mysterio makes the heroic comeback, overcoming everything Rhodes throws at him. That is until Cody gets his knees up to counter a moonsault from Mysterio. Cody then takes the advantage and connects with the Cross-Rhodes, for the three count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes via Pinfall @ 8:11

After the match, Rhodes then sprints to the backstage area, presumably returning to search for an opponent for the challenger later tonight. We then see Edge looking at a TV screen, rubbing his chin and nodding at what he just saw, seemingly impressed with Rhodes' victory over a very capable Rey Rey.

Backstage we go and Todd Grisham is standing by with a very menacing-looking Big Red Machine, Kane! Todd regretfully asks Kane about the loss he suffered last week in the brutal Last Man Standing match against Edge for the World Title last week. The Big Red Machine says that he isn't like any other being; He doesn't care that he lost and he isn't unhappy that he walked out a loser. He's unhappy that he didn't put Edge through enough pain and enough misery as he would have liked. Grisham then asks what is next for Kane, to which the sadistic 7-footer says that The Royal Rumble is an amazing opportunity... Not to headline Wrestlemania, but to inflict pain and cause damage to 29 other men... Meaning that it is 29 times as pleasing as any other match - Headlining Wrestlemania is just a bi-product of making people's lives living hell.

We then see Trent Barreta walking down the corridor in preparation for his match with Drew McIntyre, until up behind him comes Kelly Kelly! Trent looks very suspicious of K2, and rightfully so. Kelly slowly strolls around Trent, stroking his back and his torso, as Trent raises an eyebrow at Kelly, wondering what she is doing. The blonde bombshell then says that even though she may be seeing Drew, that doesn't mean that she doesn't care for Trent. Barreta nonchalantly chews his gum, his expression still hasn't changed, as he comically frowns at Kelly, finding the intimacy with her fairly awkward. Kelly then says that Barreta does deserve better in the WWE and if he plays his cards right, tonight could be the beginning of that. She then winks at Trent and kisses him on the cheek, before strolling off, leaving a perplexed Trent looking on. Eventually, Barreta shrugs his shoulders and says to himself "I wonder how many people she's done that to this week" before continuing to chew his gum and walk down the corridor, garnering a lot of laughs from the crowd.


Narrator: Success...

A split screen of every single championship belt in the WWE, all of which are resting on a spotlighted, silk pillow tool

Success can be measured through a list of accomplishments...

Slow motion shots of The Miz raising his newly won WWE title in the air after cashing in his money in the bank briefcase - "WE HAVE A NEW WWE CHAMPION"

Success can be measured through achieving your dreams...

A shot of Rey Mysterio winning his first World Title at Wrestlemania 22 with Michael Cole screaming over the top - "BY GOD, REY MYSTERIO HAS DONE IT!"

Or success can be measured through the legacy that you forge...

A shot of the final Tombstone on Shawn Michaels at last year's Wrestlemania, as The Undertaker extends his undefeated streak even further - "TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, IN THE GREATEST MATCH OF ALL TIME"

All we know is...

An extreme slow motion of John Cena lifting Dave Batista on to his shoulders in preparation for the Attitude Adjustment - "HE'S GONNA' DO IT... JOHN CENA...!


The slow motion shot is still there, but this time it's John Cena actually slamming Wade Batista down to the canvas - "HE NAILS IT! IT'S GOTTA BE OVER! 1...2...3!"

Is Certain.

When Batista smashes the canvas, the slow motion instantly transitions in to fast paced shots, whilst the instrumental of Detroit Rapper, Royce Da 5'9's song, Legendary, plays.

Michael Cole:

Quickfire clips of Randy Orton RKOing Ted DiBiase, Rey Mysterio 619'ing CM Punk, CM Punk grabbing the Money In The Bank Briefcase and Kane Chokeslamming Chavo Guerrero - All from Wrestlemanias passed

Jim Ross:

More speedy clips - This time of the infamous Edge spearing Jeff Hardy in the TLC match, Shawn Michaels drilling Kurt Angle with a Sweet Chin Music, and finally... The legendary staredown between The Rock and Hulk Hogan

Vince McMahon:

The package ends with the image of Rock and Hogan fading in to a beautiful view of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta - The arena that will play host to Wrestlemania 27. The Wrestlemania 27 logo then fades in over the top, as does the sound of a raucous crowd chanting "THIS IS AWESOME" along with the subsequent claps, before we fade to black.

April 3, 2011
The Georgia Dome | Atlanta, Georgia
Success Is Certain




Match Four | Drew McIntyre vs. Trent Barreta

As you would expect from these two very fine and well-tuned athletes, the match is an extremely entertaining one with a very gripping story grapevined with in the action. In the early going, the cool, calm and collected attitude of Trent prevails, as he uses his speed, quickness and agility to slip and slide through any situation that Drew puts him through - Which of course angers the Sinister Scotsman. Barreta continues to hit and move, nailing Drew with knife edge chops and stinging leg kicks, before altering his position, showing very MMA'esque styled offence in the early going. However, Barreta can only play the cat and mouse game for too long until McIntyre catches him and uses his ruthlessness and aggressiveness to assert his dominance and simply man handle the much lighter opponent. McIntyre uses a variety of stiff strikes and spine-shattering bodyslams to neutralise all of the speed and agility advantages that Barreta possesses over Drew. One thing Drew can not neutralise, however, is the heart and the courage of the young New Yorker, who counters an attempted running powerslam in to a satellite DDT, spiking his Scottish foe on the top of his head. At this point in time, Kelly Kelly climbs on to the apron and distracts the zebra in the ring, leaving Drew with enough time to take advantage and poke Trent in the eyes, before connecting with a vicious Futureshock DDT. Drew and Kelly sadistically smirk, before the Sinister Scotsman picks Trent up again and nails ANOTHER Futureshock DDT.... FOLLOWED BY A THIRD! Instead of making the cover, the Chosen One instead locks in a Texas Cloverlead... And the referee has no choice but to stop the match and award the victory to Drew, Trent is out cold!
Winner: Drew McIntyre via Referee Stoppage @ 13:12

After the match, Drew keeps the hold locked in, as K2 climbs in to the ring and begins putting her high heels to good use, stomping on the helpless Trent Barreta. She then LOW BLOWS the referee who is trying to intervene, before she goes straight back to work... ALL OF A SUDDEN, A FAN CLIMBS OVER THE BARRICADE AND DRILLS KELLY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD, BEFORE MOUNTING HER AND RAINING DOWN ON HER WITH RIGHTS AND LEFTS. DREW HASN'T EVEN NOTICED! The fans are going wild as this small, petite young lady, out of the crowd has pounced on to K2. Once she's dealt with Kelly, she creeps up behind Drew... LOW BLOW TO DREW MCINTYRE! Drew and Kelly roll out of the ring simultaneously and retreat up the ramp, as the random fan checks on the condition of Drew, before she is taken away by Security at ringside and EMTs check on the condition of Trent. We can hear the unknown girl screaming and hurling abuse at Kelly and Drew, who look absolutely shocked to see what's just happened.

Click Here To See That Girl~!


When we return, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews go over what has happened tonight, before hyping up the Royal Rumble match in just over two weeks time. The Divas Champion, Natalya, defends her title against Melina. The odd pairing of Santino and Kozlov defend their prestigious tag titles against the ever-dangerous Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel of the Nexus. Randy Orton challenges The Miz for the WWE Championship and The Royal Rumble match it's self, to decide who will go on to headline Wrestlemania and face either the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking of which, that segways fairly easily in to the final match of the night - Edge vs. Cody Rhodes' hand picked opponent. Edge makes his entrance first as we await his opponent... It's a masked wrestler... Called The Mask~! The man is dressed in all black with a black mask and a clown-like face on it, as the crowd are as confused as Edge is in the ring. We then get a video of Cody Rhodes on the titantron, saying that he's scoured the locker room and this is the toughest opponent Edge will ever face... Until he meets Cody Rhodes in 16 days, of course.

Match Five | Pick Your Poison | Edge vs. The Mask
The match is an interesting one, what with all of the intrigue of the man behind the mask and what have you. Throughout the main event, the Champion targets the mask to try and find out who it is, unsurprisingly however, the man is very protective and makes sure he is not revealed. The man behind the mask also seems very sloppy, when on the offence or otherwise - Struggling to keep his balance on the top rope, and he seems to be breathing very heavily. Anyway, Edge, being the resilient Champion that he is, puts up a great fight and it seems all but done at this point - Edge awaits for his prey to stand up before sprinting towards him for the Spear... But The Mask gets out of the way and exits the ring! The unknown man then snatches a steel chair from ringside, pushes the referee over and drills Edge on the spine half a Dozen times, causing the champion to grasps his back in agony, before collapsing on to the canvas. The referee has no choice but to call for a disqualification.
Winner: Edge vis Disqualification @ 10:10

The Mask then creams the innocent referee with the chair, just because he was there, before refocussing his attention back on to the World heavyweight Champion who is still down and out. He slowly picks up Edge who has barely moved since the onslaught of chair shots. He bends him over backwards and puts his arm over the throat of Edge... ROLLING CUTTER ON TO THE CHAIR!... EERILY SIMILAR TO THE CROSSRHODES!

The crowd are booing the shit out of The Mask, as everyone has a fairly good idea of who it is by now. The man then snatches the World Heavyweight Championship Belt from Tony Chimel and he climbs back in to the ring and holds the title high above his head before he slowly takes his mask off... IT IS CODY RHODES! THE DASHING ONE BROKE THE RULES AND WAS EDGE'S POISON! The video before the match was obviously pre-taped, if you hadn't already gathered, as we see Rhodes sporting a huge, shit-eating grin on his face as for the second week in a row, he stands tall over the World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole closes the broadcast by saying - "Tonight, Edge was unable defeat his poison and unfortunately for the Champion, his poison is the man that will be challenging him for that belt at The Royal Rumble! Will Edge be able to get a measure of revenge before we head in to Boston, Massachussets on January 30th, or will Cody Rhodes get the better of the Champion once again and fulfill his destiny!?



January 30th, 2011
TD Garden | Boston Massachussets

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Beth Phoenix vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. Kaval vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd 21 Other Superstars

WWE Divas Championship
Natalya (C) vs. Melina

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (C) vs. Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Championships
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (C) vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater ( N )

WWE Championship
The Miz (C) vs. Randy Orton


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