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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Review

Punk starting Raw made all of the sense in the world given what happened at Night of Champions. Punk and Nash seems like it will be a central storyline of Raw for a while along with all of the Punk-Triple H-Big Johney stuff. Punk was good here, thinking of all of the possible options to who brought in Nash. Triple H and Big Johney were to be expected soon after. Both of their explanations to why they didn't do it fit the storyline logically. However I don't like Punk backing down to Triple H with that "oh sorry" after Hunter gave his sob story about Nash not calling him back. Other than that favorite effective segment. I really liked Punk's jab at Johney, thinking he was gonna put him in another match with Miz (since Johney is unorignal and uncreative and all). Punk versus Kofi later should be good also. I like what you've been doing with Kofi here, keep his push strong.

Starting off with the tag title match. It was good for what it was, thank you for getting Otunga and McGillicuty out of the tag title picture hopefully forever. Make Otunga a lawyer and McGillicuty a badass or something. I'll be interested to see who Kozlov and Santino get challenged by next. There's a lack of tag team depth at this time so it should be interesting.

Cena's interview was what it was, build up his announcement later. I'm sure he'll just call out Del Rio or something though.

I liked apologetic Rey, sad that he didn't win the title at Night of Champions it was a very nice touch. Big Johney is being awful creul to Rey. I only skimmed over some of the past shows so there might be a reason for that? But it got Johney over as a heel general manager here. I remember you saying Rey was taking time off so Clay killing him made sense. Also made Clay look like a badass as the newest member of Johney's Ace Administration which really needed a big guy. Very happy with the Clay debut.

This ambluence segment was really powerful. Especially with Big Johney taking the mask. Hopefully Rey will be back for vengence soon, since I'm really sure if there are any faces that aren't busy to defend Rey's honor against Clay. Actaully maybe Kofi Kingston? We'll see.

The Ziggler-McIntrye segment was good. I'm interested to see who will be McIntrye's opponent next week. This storyline is really intreaguing because of all the possible outcomes. I don't feel like McIntrye will just lay down for Ziggler but I think it's too quick to turn him face after all the heat he generated at Night of Champions. It'll be interesting for sure. I see a screwy finish next week between McIntrye and whatever face is invovled setting up a three way between Ziggler Drew and that face to keep this storyline progressing.

I liked Del Rio's backstage stuff. I also like the idea that he is too good to have someone like Nash help him. I hated his real life title reigns and I'm not a big fan of the guy but this was some good stuff with him. Nice job.

Holy Punk and Kingston. This is exactly what Kofi needs to be doing at this point in a match like this. These pushed each other to the limits. Punk proves he's the best in the world, Kofi proves he can hang with the best, hell maybe even beat them then just like that BAM! Awesome Truth wrecks all of it. The match at Hell in a Cell should be good and will definately get Kofi a great rub. I love your push of him.

Apparently the stereotype good guys agree with me about Big Johney being too harsh. I like them standing up to his administration. Next week's matches also look good. I do see for some reason the Awesome Truth taking the belts. It'd really add to the credibility of Big Johney's heel stable. Also Bourne is going to get destroyed. Either way, step up next week nicely.

Ryder interview time? Sweet. I like that you're giving some time to build up what would normally appear to be a filler match we'd expect from WWE Superstars. As for the match itself. It was good. Primo betraying Ryder was a suprise but I like it. It gives him a feud now other than Hawkins as he waits for his US Title shot that needs to come soon. Good lower card stuff here.

I was fine with Cena going over Truth clean. Truth is a main event jobber and it was a very good match. No one getting invovled was suprising. I liked Del Rio coming out right away to meet Cena instead of just hiding in the back while Cena made his announcement, you're doing a great job of making Del RIo look strong. Wasn't supised that Cena wil challenge at Hell in a Cell. I expect a good match although I'm not sure who will win yet.

Overall a solid show, really flowed from Night of Champions into the build for Hell in a Cell nicely. That was an absolute must considering how quickly Hell in a Cell comes after Night of Champions. Raw looks like it's going in a good direction. I can't wait to see if Smackdown follows up the same.
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