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Fuck attention seekers

It's been a while since I made my last rant so I decided to forcus my attention on a few members seem to try get some attention but they end up failing and/or end up banned. These guys won't stop at anything to get the attention they want. They live off of the attention you give them. Let's take a look at my first subjecg. This guy has recently created a rant that was first titled "Fuck Obama" but then turned into a "Fuck this forum and it's members" rant. Lets ask him what he thinks of Wrestling Forum.

PeoplesStunner tell us how you feel about this forum:

Originally Posted by ThePeoplezStunner3 View Post
All of you are nerds who think there cool yea go ahead laugh at me but im gonna be laughing at all of you stupid nerds rocky316ae choketodeath just to name a few this fourm is so stupid yea im probably gonna get allot of red rep who cares im not gonna cry over it like all the stupid cunts on here so go ahead insult me I don't care FUCK EVERONE
Ok, well what do you feel about red rep?

Originally Posted by ThePeoplezStunner3 View Post
I love the color red so red rep me all you wont I fucking love it.
Ah, very clever sir. Now let's see what our good old pal Chap thinks of our forum:

Originally Posted by Chap View Post
That's why wrestlingforum is the worst forum and has the worst members. Let it be known.
Thanks for your input Mr. Chap may we meet again someday? Now let's ask some other members what they think of these two members in order to see if their claims are warranted:

On Chap:
Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
And lastly, nobody likes you. Thats why them dudes stole your identity in the first place. So, you know what to do, Amanda Todd style. And make a video of the events leading up to it so we can continue to laugh at your dumb ass.
Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
Chap is fucking pathetic. Also what's up with his sig, seems like another Warren Zevon?
Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I usually do get mesmerized by how such a gross looking individual brings himself to get up each morning and actually go out in public.
These are fair opinions on our old pal chap. Let's see what you all think of PeoplesStunner:

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
Attention seeking fag

Damn pretty harsh there El Chapo. But I think these guys deserve all the harshness they get.

Now let's hear some opinions from Apocalypto on some very important issues:

On Anark:

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
Dat stalking, yo!

In all seriousness(although the fact that he is stalking me is a little serious and a matter of concern for his well being), if we go to the root of Annie's bitter behavior it all started with what seemed to be scrilla pissing him off so badly in the anti 11er/12er thread before I joined. So Annie only form intelligent action was to develop a pseudo-thick skin. He cannot even portray an internet tough guy persona correctly because he has failed to back up his claims with solid and concrete evidences that might lay a final nail to his accusations. This thread is a joke.

So Annie stay crying like a little pussy ass bitch, you fucking phaggot.

On Woman drivers:

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
Bitches can't drive. I don't know even know what they're doing out of the kitchen.
On Being professional :

Being professional doesn't mean being a pushover
Now what did our good friends have to say about Apocaldycto? Lets find out:


Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Not many users can spell your user name correctly because you are the most insignificunt to ever enter Rants since The Livid One.

Oh, what a fucking coincidence.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I'm the pimp daddy and you're my bitch get in the car ho.

*slap* 5 dicks and all you got is $3.00? get back on the streets ho.
Sorry sir but I have the legit laughs from that. Lets continue.


Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
People like me? Lol I post sarcasm all the time. You are so good at pretending not to be livid one. Btw that was sarcasm. I agree with anark and you are butthurt. Bet your mouth hurts too after all those cocks
And last but not least lets see what Dunk20 had to say about our good friend.


Originally Posted by Dunk20 View Post
You are the one obsessed with other guys assholes and cocks. Get out of the closet already, or better, don't. You are an embarressment for the whole society. The only company you have for granted is your hand but be careful, if you are as annoying in your daily life as you are here you will be crushed by someone sooner then later. But then again you are just a pussy who talk a lot of shit. Bark but does not bite. From now on you will be refered as AdickAdykto. It suits you well.

So there you have it guys, we have just three examples of being an attention seeker. It's pathetic to see human beings act in this nature. These cunts are now banned but I garantee that we will have more and more to come through. But I find it absolutely strange how twats like these can just show up out of no where and then start trolling for attention. I expect people to no sell this rant but whatever, I'm speaking my mind on these cunts. So let me end this rant in the right way.

End rant.

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