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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Fair point you made at the start about some of these guys not really knowing their way around a microphone as that is the truth. But if you develop the characters well and believable enough you can mould these guys to be as good at talking as you want them to be; just bear that in mind. Homicide starting off the show was expected and it figures especially with him being the champion. No real problem with what he said here as he seemed pretty on point. Foley coming out was also quite predictable, and I'm really enjoying the interaction between these two as the two main figures on the show, so I'm looking forward to seeing if this situation between Foley and Homicide continues and escalates. And like Calum said, it is true of Foley to to the "Right Here" thing, but maybe you could have saved that for a segment further on in the show as I think here was supposed to be a little case of serious Foley and just putting in that line at that time didn't really coincide with that, but the rest of Foley's part was solid. Really pumped for that main event knowing what you can do with these high fliers Also I'm not sure that Red was really needed here as he contributed nothing of that substance but pissed Homicide off so I guess that works. A solid start to the show; the Homicide bit at the part was the strongest point I'd say.

Nice opening contest between two well matches guys; you really do know how to play to your strengths, Jam. There were some good parts in this match and it was great to see that you're comfortable in writing the quick pace of a match like this. I'm surprised that you had Senshi win this as I know how much you love Wilson/Kidd. Wow that was weird from Senshi afterwards; he'd already made his point by winning the match but he still attacked Wilson after the match anyway? Hopefully you shed some light on that at some point. But the positive is that now I'm sure we'll see these two lock horns again at some point which is good as a repeat of that match would not be turned down.

Decent little interview here. Maybe we could have heard a little more from Lethal Consequences as it did seem like Terrell said just as much as them. This is a good way to hype up their match later with GM. Not entirely sure about the whole Hooliganz thing at the end though... not sure of the relevance of it. Is their gimmick to just play pranks on people?

Wow, great stuff here bringing Joe back to the X-Division! I'm looking forward to seeing him rise up the ranks and get back on top, and now I do think that it will be Joe taking that title off of Homicide in the future. Not sure about bringing in Tatsu here... it was obvious that you were going to have Joe win on his return and I think there could have been a better time and place to debut Yoshi as Joe being back will be the main talking point coming out of this match and not Tatsu debuting. I'd have rather seen Yang come out and try his luck to get squashed and then maybe bring Tatsu in next week or in a few weeks time, but I assume that you have big plans for Joe quite soon so I can roll with it. It was good to have Tatsu get some offence in on Joe like the Shining Wizard, and the rest of the match as a whole was a good quality. I'm glad you've got Joe here and an epic winning streak would be great to see; him just mowing through the X-Division would be awesome. You're gonna have to think big in order to build Tatsu up after losing his first match; you booked yourself into a corner in a way there so I'm interested to see how you get yourself out of it.

I like that you had Generation Me with the interview now so we hear both sides ahead of the upcoming match. Once again I'd have liked to have heard a little more here but I know that they aren't exceptional on the mic and you aren't that acquainted with the full shows stuff so I'll let you off

I'm not that familiar with Generation Me as a team but from the way you wrote them here they sound AWESOME! I was a fan of Lethal Consequences but it seems that they were outdone in every aspect of the match here. Even when Max was kicking out of LC's moves it was making GM look good. The build up you did to this match with the interviews earlier in the show really added as you can tell that both teams were trying to prove who was better and the real competitive edge was coming through. I just searched 'More Bang for your Buck' on Youtube and wow that is awesome. I can't see anyone kicking out of that and I can see how the crowd would get pumped as they see it all unravelling before them, so the line you put in about the crowd getting excited was a nice little touch. Good win here and I'm hoping to see more of these two on both Xplosion and iMPACT going after those Tag Titles Nice job here of making me a fan of Generation Me here.

This whole Foley/Kazarian thing was just a bit too weird for my liking, but I'm glad that the Impact stroylines are also overlapping onto this show as well; good continuity with your partner, nice work.

As a main event, I am glad that this was the best match on the show by far. I could even go as far to say that this is the best match I've seen from you It was really even throughout the whole thing and you showcased both men really well. I'm glad that this ended in a No Contest as now we get a rematch at some point But of course this whole thing was about the aftermath. I never knew that these three were ever aligned until you told me about it otherwise this end part would have made no sense to me whatsoever. Nice to see that you're bringing in groups from the indies and showing them on the main shows... proves that you have some decent wrestling knowledge. I know that you're a massive Aries fan so I can see the title going to him at some point. I'm also trying hard to buy Sydal as a heel or tweener because all I've ever seen from him is Evan Bourne so show me some more Matt Sydal and I'll get used to it. Impactful ending to the show here, good job

Overall a decent show here broski. There were some real good parts and some dodgy bits but there were more good than bad. The storylines that you already had going developed well and you've really irked my interest with how some of these characters are going forwards. Also, as usual some quality match writing. I'm looking forward to the next Xplosion, Jammy But as for now; back over to you, Lariatoh!
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